have i mentioned that my facebook is a miracle?

i reached out to a few people yesterday to be on my podcast, but when something is new not every is gonna climb over themselves to be part of it.

so i went to Facebook and put up a post saying i wanted people to hook me up with their friends who either live in Hollywood or work here or… and an avalanche of good leads appeared in minutes.

while that was happening i got the courage to ask some people i know and they ALL said yes.

i do have self esteem problems but im pretty sure i can talk to people for an hour and good stories will appear. can i keep up this pace? will i be able to stay afloat before the big bucks come in?

will i be able to listen to these interviews to help out my editor and chop them down?

today is gonna be a busy day. my shrink is right in the middle of it all. but i really need to go and get a second mic. i also need to go to the post office and mail my taxes and who knows i might even have another interview later in the day.

i am very excited.

still might need to do uber delivery or something to pay the rent while i do all of this.

life is so weird and beautiful and scary and good.

how am i 109 years old and have no clue despite that incredible college education?

but i will say this: the three hour interview i did the other day was fucking great.

and part of that greatness, which was a huge surprise to me, was me.

so that gave me so much confidence.

sadly my confidence in most things are like rubbing alcohol: it evaporates quickly.