I had such a good day

The interview with the famous music executive went ok. He has lots of great stories, but they werent really about Hollywood so i asked if i could come back next weekend and he said yes but he seemed disappointed and i would have been too if i had just talked for three hours and the stranger was all, uh

We hit it off on my levels but i cant help thinking he was somehow mad at me for not reigning him in but I Tried to. So i sent him an email with the topics i wanna talk about next time and how many minutes we should spend on it and that way we both have the same expectations.

Let’s hope what i am asking for is way easier to deliver than what he had to deal with as a manager for some notorious bands… including the Sex Pistols.

I still felt great though maybe because human contact will do that for me. Shocker. And also because I *did* impress him with my CD-i gift so that was funny.

Afterwards i went to the DTLA Ralphs for something quick to eat and their sushi section is shockingly large and i had a really good to-go thing of sushi. Then walked over to Todd Martens pad who I haven’t seen in person in like a year. We watched a few innings of the Cubs game. He was heading to the Bowl to see Flying Lotus so we took a Lyft together back to my pad.

There i watched the end of the Cubs game and i took a nap because sometimes my body is like we’re checking out, f you human, and so i told Alexa to wake me up in an hour. When i did wake up i didnt wanna but i did. Which was smart.

Then the best thing happened. I got a text from Jordan my editor. He had the first draft of my first episode done. It was soooooo gooooood. He chopped a 3 hour interview into 45 minutes. Hero! And he had all this music. And he had told me to get certain equipment, he even gave me a mic, and the sound was perfect. So professional. And i sounded like a pro. Magic! Witchcraft! Grace of God!

I feel so lucky. I feel like we really can do this. We really can compete against the massively overcrowded world of podcasting.

Then i watched tv and smiled and smiled and smiled.