Such a good day today

It was good for many reasons including its nice to talk to people after all this time not talking to people.

It’s also good to have a plan and when you do it you see it coming together.

One of my ideas about this podcast was to let people i know nominate people they know for me to interview.

This is a bit of a stretch for me because i like to be in control of things and i think i know it all and i like to pretend that i know all the people, but we know that’s a lie.

So Elise, who was one of my editors at LAist, knows an author who has written tons of books about music and Hollywood and today i drove out to his beautiful home and we talked for three hours.

Turned out he knows a bunch of people who i worked with at Licorice Pizza

Not only that but he loves baseball as much as i do, and music and LA

Weirder still, he was in SF the same exact years that i was and booked a jazz club there that i went to a few times

But because he’s about 8 years older than me he had stories and had seen things that I hadn’t and it was fantastic.

I am so filled with happiness right now that i want to write a love letter to a pretty girl but for once in my life I’m stopping myself because i cannot follow through because i really have to put everything into this thing.

I get a day off tomorrow and i will pick up my MacBook from the shop, but i gotta say, this iPad has been pretty damn good.

One thing happened today in the interview i didnt expect – two actually. The first was the batteries died when they shouldn’t have. The other was a microphone fell out of its hole. Scared the hell out of me because in these long interviews you dont wanna have to redo anything and when i interviewed Bree last week her whole interview got ruined.

I’d really love to figure out a fail safe way to do these, but the better audio quality you have the more complicated the equipment is. So you just have to bring extra batteries i guess.

Another thing that was weird was he lived really close to the castle i learned about when i first wanted to do this.

Life is so weird. LA is too. I am very happy. Maybe i can use my esp to have this girl write me and say

I will get money together and make it out there and have a little summer vacation with you tony.