yes i thought i would have had a basement by now

mine woulda had carpet tho

and a lot of things on the walls

and a drum set.

i was lucky enough to grow up in a house that had a basement so maybe my basement wishes have already been met

but i always thought i would have one by now, and a fridge in the garage.

ive only had a garage twice

once in atwater village during the northridge quake with the three bad roommates

and once with the truest on clinton park in the mission.

i have had a very full life.

the more pictures i put up on my walls in this room the more i truly see how full its been

this weekend i spent some time with friends and they had a 5 year old.

she couldnt have been a sweeter child.

she was singing Drivers License to us by heart.

then Let It Go.

she tried to tell me a knock knock joke but she couldnt remember the punch line and keep saying banana

i was all

pssst ok now say orange.

youd think after all this time thered be more modern knock knock jokes.

but there sure as hell are better crayons, i did learn that.