i know so many people who are in hawaii

the last time i went to hawaii i was broke, unemployed, and unbeknownst to me, about to head off on a journey with a gazillion dollar company that would change my life forever.

not because of the job, technically, but because of what the job did.

it moved me to san francisco

and there i met people who i never thought id meet.

one being a brain surgeon who i dated for a while.

is there anything sexier than a smart person?


learning things triggers a part of my brain that makes my heart beat faster which is interesting because i never really liked school.

maybe it was the context. when youre bowling, which was my first date with this brain surgeon, you dont expect to learn about some of the mysteries of the human condition

whereas in a classroom, often times you cant wait to leave, in part, because you are judged in there. especially me.

no matter what great ideas i would bring to the reading, i almost always had a teacher who would insult me for what i wrote down.

just be yourself is the mantra every kid is instructed. be creative. think outside the box.

but in school i was literally punished time and again for not writing down what jimmy and johnnie and monica would write down. so school was always a bummer for me. even though i loved learning.

anyways i need to sit by a pool for a few days.

i love dares

today a fantastic woman dared me to write FIFTEEN PAGES of something cohesive

and i do owe someone who paid me a few hundred dollars to write something long

about the time i helped build a company and hired most of its people

but ive hesitated doing it because the true story involves



and life changing change

but it also sets me up as the victim

and i dont ever want to portray myself as that because

well, fuck that.

theres enough victim stories in the Top 40.

probs the best song to come out this year was by that teen Olivia Rodrigo

one reason i love the Good Book so much is, despite everyone being victims pretty much

including God

Jesus is not one.

Even when his disciples wuss out on him and run away and refuse to say yeah He’s my boy

He does his thing, comes back and tells everyone, no it’s cool

just be super cool

im out,

but just be super cool people.

thats a way harder song to sing which is why Christian music blows so bad and it took Black folks to invent Gospel to put some zip into it.

can i write 15 pages, of course.

even if you are like me with ADD or whatever it is

you just write

one page a day.