i wanted to do a thing and i did a thing

and i had a lot of help with it, which is normal, we can try to do things alone

but the Good Lord put a shitload of us all on this crust for a reason

no, not orgies, pee tape man,

so we could work together to make things that are way better when we cooperate.

could a man build a skyscraper alone?

could a man build a 747 alone?

can a man please a woman alone?


so after the thing was born unto the world i got a tweet DM from someone who had done this thing many many many times

he said youre doing everything wrong.

i said everything?

he said no, the idea is great, you are great, the sound is great,

even the art is great

but everything else is totally wrong and you are going to be poor forever

and your thing is not even going to reach many people.

i said tell me everything.

two hours later i finally said,

wanna join us?

he said