dusted off my good camera for yr ass

when i go out to podcast people, i put my mics, chords and recorder in my camera bag

my camera bag is bulky and inefficient and hurts my shoulder

but i learned something interesting today:

if i take the camera out of the bag and strap it around my neck

and omg take pics,

it’s lighter

everyone was so nice to me today i have no idea why

i was dressed like an absolute dork

maybe they thought i was lost?

these Black dudes are from Maryland

their girlfriends are Iranian

i told the dude on the right

who’s Guatemalan

that he looked like he was Egyptian

and would have probably owned us all back in the day

they all followed me on instagram after that one

my first apartment was in venice about 30 years from these tshirts

i used to go to the beach and try to study but are you nuts

i interviewed the most interesting woman who told me everything

everything about the mob

her ex-husbands penis

but when i tried to get to her spirituality

it was like trying to hold a slippery fish

we talked for two hours

i knew nada before i met her

and now she is hooking me up with Timothy Leary’s lawyer to interview

i never want to stop doing this podcast ever. i only want to do it. ive never been more obsessed by anything ever.

these dudes talked to me and we watched girls walk past and talked about them

and ladies, they were very respectful,

no seriously.

“i bet she has some good non fiction recommendations.”

“i’d like to challenge her to some speed Scrabble.”

“now thats what i call well coordinated.”

they call this the boardwalk.

i should find out if it was ever made of boards.

had to be, right?

im on this learning kick.

ive been loving learning digital video editing so since i had the camera on

i was doing my best to use Manual on this camera to see how much of the sun it would let me capture

now granted, it’s not the best lens

i like it because it’s my most adjustable wide angle

but it didnt do incredibly well with the sun

regular blue sky, fine.

technically these are primo conditions and a camera obscura could take a decent pic of the blue sky, but still.

while i was trying to take a pic of that bikini cardboard cut out, this dude skateboarded past

then this guy in a go cart putt putted past

homeless piano man can be seen on the left playing with a stray dog

does anyone know who the manager of venice beach is? i have a complaint.

the california flag is faded and torn.

i know its right by the beach and does a lot of work flapping in the sun

but isnt there a law against old flags?

excuse me, my uber has arrived

there were waves today

i know this because i saw this a lot

say his name