i have the smartest and best friends

as you may know i am in a moral dilemma.

but my friends don’t seem to think I am.

this guy right here is basically saying if i went to court over the fact i wasn’t paid, i would earn not just the $2,500 owed to me

plus $40,000+ in late pay.

a pair of lawyers who messaged me in DMs told me they’d represent me pro bono,

is this how obama felt when someone acted a fool and dared him to use weapons?

are connections weapons?

is the law?

i dont mind confrontations but i dont really seek them out after i got outta the xbi

i just want a peaceful, mellow, loving life where i can be creative for art sake

why am i being tested?

a different job i wanted wrote me tonight and said im not gonna get it

i have mixed feelings about that too.

incredible brand. one of my favorites.


i feel they’re making some glaring mistakes and i was going to have to bite my tongue because that is not the job i was being hired for.

as per the job i was applying for, i also think they were making some mistakes.

this brand is an industry- and cultural leader but they treat social media like

everybody else.

some brands should never be basic bitches.

they should be trailblazers every chance they can.

i was so excited to talk with them two weeks ago im sure i blabbed the poor woman’s ear off

she prob thought i was on coke.

and who knows maybe i asked for too much money.

is $75k to be the online face of your thing too much money?

but this thing theyre selling is like mining gold.

the last detail they should worry about is budget for staff, as long as the staff is really working.

anyways heres something another friend told me about my situation above, re: not getting paid

this is not about you being mean or vengeful or not turning the other cheek; this is about someone, with whom you had a professional, and presumably legal, agreement with, breaking that agreement and stealing from you by refusing to pay you for your work. That is illegal and he should suffer the consequences of breaking the law. Good luck!

her punctuation alone is amazing.

and of course her advice is spot on.

still, i dont want to send drones over the border.

but i also dont want this behavior to persist.

i wish i knew how to meditate.

this is why i need a smart girlfriend.

ive been trying to meet jake forever

but things never worked out.

then i saw on his Facebook Story that he was broken down in the parking lot near Shutters and no one in the parking lot would help him

so i DMed him and said i could be there in 45 minutes.

got there, we met, jumped his car (which was tricky because i didnt know where my battery was(!)

and then i podcasted him for an hour and a half.

what a great guy. it’ll be a very good podcast

we talked about all sorts of things and i pressed him for answers

but on some questions like

what do you want next

he just didnt know and hes trying to figure it out.

its funny this is supposed to be about Venice but so many of these people wanna talk about santa monica

anyways, visualize what you want in life, and be shocked and amazed when it comes true

watched a dude get handcuffed for drinking a beer

went to venice to see if i could get lucky and just interview someone right there on the sidewalk

i did it in hollywood and it was an interesting episode and since it was a jewish holiday i figured the traffic would be light

didnt matter i took Venice Blvd all the way down to keep it real

walked around then heard a commotion

then saw two cops instantly handcuff a dude and his Bud Light Spiked Lemonade can rolling around

open container

but the thing is you cant handcuff someone for that

its an infraction

not even a misdemeanor.

yr supposed to just give them a ticket and if they run away who the hell cares its a dumb ticket

meanwhile who are we kidding theres ppl drinking, drunk, and smoking weed (and worse) all up and down the place

on top of that they were doing this all while making him stare at the mural of the Wizard of Venice

the first Black man who was allowed to have a house in Venice

and out of his love for the place he decorated the joint, made masks and floats (bc they were trying to emulate the venice in italy)

and he even figured out that a disco ball would look super cool in a dance hall

the two cops even called for back up as the crowd objected to them using undo force on

a guy with a beer

this was his friend

later i realized these two cops were young and scared

and probably didnt like it when people said

if you handcuff black people

and not white people

then thats whats called racism.

and i realized they coulda shot me

even accidentally

which woulda been weird because i had just seen the Marx Brothers’

A Night at Casablanca

and harpo was playing the harp and it looked like thats something that would hurt your fingers

but then i figured nothing hurts in heaven

which is why they probably have so many harps up there

finally you can jam on those things.

i ate poorly on the way out there

and on the way home i stopped by some stores

and got sweet potatoes and peas

and made an all veggie dinner

then someone i respect a lot handed me a huge compliment

which was very very nice

everything is a test

everything is the angels watching from above making little side bets on you

ok for sure hes gonna fuck this shit up,

one of them will say to the other

nah, he’s cool, he’s the man, he’s my favorite one now that i think of it,

the other’ll say, after exhaling a long stream of smoke.

ok i bet you a bulldozer he wont act a fool over that thing,

the first one will offer

omg what is it with you and bulldozers? fine, i’ll bet you my last bulldozer he’ll shake it off

back in the day they were betting like crazy on hank aaron,

all the shit he went through

imagine death threats just cuz youre gonna break a dumb home run record

your family in danger because you might go yard in cincy

angles be all, a hundred yaks hank’ll just retire

but hank aint retiring.

fuck quitting

fuck bowing down to the bad in the world

and fuck acting a fool.

i walk around hollywood late at night

you see different things at night

was taking the picture of a bus stop bench and this dude approached me from my blind spot

i was listening to howard stern and jimmy kimmel in my headphones

i have a little rule that if you ask me for money i’ll give it to you

actually its in the bible but ive adapted it.

i was like, what?

and he mumbled, black dude, one shoe, skinny, no eye contact


i was wondering if you could help me with some spare change

im thinking, theres a guy who owes me $2,500 out there who hasnt even had the decency to paypal me $100 every week or $500 a month

ive been unemployed since halloween

i havent even touched a woman since the traitors attacked the capitol

no relation

and still somehow i am doing better than this guy

literally in the middle of the street

at 1:30am

i have a bed. i have cable. i have clean clothes

and cookie dough in a small bucket.

i have a


so i gave him $5

bc im pretty sure the angels were betting the under.

dear tony, what do you do if someones being horrible

dear tony,

sometimes i wonder. i wonder what to do? should i lead by example like you say. or should i let things slide?

am i being lazy if i just let it go? but didn’t that song win an Oscar and all the kids sing it?

should i let someone walk all over me? am i a slave? if so, what type? the yessum massah you right to beat me and do me wrong?

or am i django unchained?

but i dont want to be a victim

dear sir,

sometimes we just have to put things in God’s hands.

do people do fucked up shit for a variety of reasons most of them having nothing to do with you?

all the time.

they say it’s not what happens to you that makes you who you are, it’s how you react.

me, i want to go to Heaven.

i dont care what people think of me. (or i try not to care). instead i care about what God would want to see me do. or if thats too tough a concept, i try to do what the angels would like to watch me do on their tv.

of course i could use my god given talents and super powers for vengeance – as could you. but we werent blessed with gifts for that, i dont think.

and the huge difference between the old testament vs the new is turn the other cheek.

if you remember this was one of the few times that Jesus made a sharp turn away from the old testament. he was asked about “an eye for an eye” and he said it only makes a bunch of blind people.

jesus instead said to turn the other cheek.

is that something that leads to being a victim? maybe. but one could say there was no bigger victim than Jesus himself as he was crucified for nonsense and that death was one of his most defining attributes.

also: who ever said being a Christian was easy? if anything we reach for religion when things are hard and we are given even harder instructions because they are the opposite of what human nature is about.

who takes a punch, and offers to get hit on the other side?

bad ass mo fos.

thats who.


im very worried about emma

in every one of her videos she seems so sad

and a lone

and desperately wanting love

i had to turn it off after a few minutes because she is just so so down

just a few years ago she was taking the world by storm

almost in a hyperactive way

and now that shes struck it big, is a multi millionaire

being flown to paris

free clothes for days

she mopes around like someone just shot her dog

and left behind a very confusing note that shes constantly contemplating.

i want to say: it’s so simple. find some friends. even if they’re famous.

and kiss them.

fucking a.

whats the point of being young rich and wonderful if you dont let someone in

while yr at it, let em all in.

then you’ll have something to film.

did i have a good day? i did

pretty sure i did pretty well in the interview

did i talk too much: yes.

was i excited to talk with someone who knew a few things? yes.

did i then use that confidence to call this podcast guest who has been hard to nail down?


did he say yes when i said, i can be over there by 5?


he said, can you be here at 530?

it was a 90 minute interview

he made fun of my laughing, my socks, and how long of an interview it ended up being

but he appreciated the gift i gave him

im nardwuar over here n shit

they say they dont know who invented bitcoin

and in trying to use the internet for clues

they looked at one suspect’s blog

and how he blogged like 3-4 times a week right until bitcoin got released

then his production went down to a trickle: 9-10 posts a year.

but heres the thing about blogging: it’s not easy.

and people quit all the time for lots of reasons

maybe he got a girlfriend

maybe he found a different hobby.

maybe he left when his audience shifted to facebook

maybe he was giving away too many clues as to what his real life was

or maybe he just ran out of ideas.

i remember in college, when robyn bell, my professor who pulled me out of letters and science

she said you need to go to the college of creative studies

i said ok but i have a question for you

i was 22.

i asked, since you teach at this college of creativity

can you tell me if creativity dries up?

she said no

i said then why do bands only have one or two good records?

she said

you should think about actual artists like painters

painters can paint well until the day they die

i said ok but what about rockers?

she said bob dylan has never made a bad record

and i said i cant wait to learn more.

to me whoever invented bitcoin was creative

and probably kept blogging

but not in the place these detectives were lookin

is this blog good or bad when interviewing for jobs?

21 years ago i was part of a very small team that hired over 400 people.

i did my best as that Recruiter to try to see into the hearts of prospective employees

to see if they would like the job, work well with the crew, and be good to the customer.

you really only had a few minutes to make this determination

the few minutes you scanned the resume, the 20 minutes on the phone call

and the 60 minutes in the interview.

some people judged people with how they followed up if the process was taking long

but i didn’t.

the process should not take long. that was on me.

still, some prospective employees dressed provocatively in the interview

which, interesting as it was, a negative checkmark

some people were almost overly prepared, spitting back info about the company that clearly PR put on some dusty corner of the website

and even though it should have been a negative checkmark, at least they were trying

this blog is twenty years of a writer writing in


dusty little corner of the web.

i am an open person. i wish more were.

i appreciate when i stumble across something that seems so personal and real.

and i am sad there are fewer of those out there because

i think people are wonderful and we dont have that long to be examples of that.

this blog was weirdly launched a month before 9/11. it saw the first Black president and every episode of Lost.

it documents me going from disgruntled bus rider in a job that didn’t love me to watching the Cubs win the World Series

one game in person.

sometimes i worry that portions will be taken out of context and give someone a reason to give me more than a few negative checkmarks but

what i learned from hiring all those people

was sometimes i made the wrong choice.

of course its bound to happen with that many hires in a short period of time

but nobody wants to make mistakes like that.

this job tomorrow im pretty sure id be great at

and im pretty sure it would allow me to use some of the things i learned

from my last job

and take it to a different level.

and that is exciting.

but i dont know how that crew is,

and that dynamic, i have seen, makes all the difference.

unimately, i just want to be a good element

a positive check mark

among others.