theres this great unreleased Bob Dylan song

its from the Shot of Love sessions called “aint gonna go to hell for anyone”

where he says he’s good at manipulation and all these things

but what good is it if you go to hell?

over the last few days here, people from the future,

so many bad things happened in war and politics.

people who routinely call themselves Christians

did terrible things to their neighbors.

if you live in texas and you find out your neighbor is getting an abortion you can sue them for $10,000 and i think even have them arrested

and if someone like me drives them to the nearest abortion joint in Louisiana, I can get sued for $10k too.

WTF is that?

and the majority of the Supreme Court said works for us.

Christians said that.

i need to have a game show except it wont be a LOL ha ha game show like some ryan seacrest thing

it’ll be dark.

i will be the host.


and i;ll ask about your favorite new testament verses

and then people will pop up and say oh hi marco rubio but what about this?

and he will have to explain why he totally fucked over the poor but let the rich get off the hook

right after the last commercial break there will be a

Redemption round.

all your sins can be forgiven and all your negative points can be erased

if you promise something

and it better be sincere.

because who cares about this dumb game show, lil marco

you should care about the man upstairs