have i told you i have the greatest friends?

have i told you i have the greatest life

have i told you im the most grateful man in the world

because where i grew up i dreamed of this life and i never thought it was actually possible for a wretch like me

which rhymes with do you see that the price of that ticket is free

which rhymes with row bb means you on the floor,  bb

have i ever told you that they put nachos and nd chili and cheese and sour cream in extra large popcorn tubs now

have i ever told you that shannon texted me this morning and asked if i wanted to go to the rock show and i said yes of course and she brought her daughter and i learned that rivers is her godfather

rivers the man with that crazy billy ray cyrus haircut and funny ass guitar

shannon and justin know how much i love weezer, as in so much, as in i knew every word tonight and every song and am hoarse right now from singing

and even though fall out boy and green day were on next i left after weezer because do you really need to have dessert after youve eaten two tubs of nachos, a beer, a coke, and a water?

have i ever told you that i used to see those palm trees when i was a teen, those very ones beyond the bullpen at dodger stadium and they looked so foreign and beautiful

and i said i want to go there.

i want to live there.

the same way you say that when you see pictures of hawaii for the first time

or when the prettiest girl in school sits down with you and you wanna be her friend

have i told you i never want this to end

i was so happy i walked home

through the packed parking lot

through echo park and lil joy

and then learned my favorite magazine had written to ask me if i wanted to interview

with them

on tuesday.