all i wanna do is do well

i have a job interview next week for a job i really want

i want it for a few reasons including the fact that it is new technology

sitting on top of different ground breaking tech

mixed with social media and communities

right up my alley, right?

so you’d think.

i dont know if it’ll come up in this interview or if i get a second one with them, in that one

but i just wanna tell them

i just wanna be good.

i was debating with a stranger the other day about office dynamics

and say you have a staff of 300 people, how many are replaceable

and how many, if you lost them, you’d really notice them not being there

it was a terrible debate because these are peoples lives and careers we are talking about and shits bad enough

but when i was thinking about that particular place i had a hard time thinking about 10 percent that were truly irreplaceable.

for example, you cannot replace michael jordan, walter payton, or even sammy sosa – love them or hate them.

yeah you can start another running back, but there was only one Sweetness.

who doesnt want to be one of those 10%?

but do they work out like those guys did? do they study? do they take risks? are they courageous? are they always always always figuring out ways to improve and dominate their position?


i want to be one of those 10%

i want to be one of the people someone says are you kidding, tony, i love seeing him here. fuck.

but how do you say that on a zoom call when the strangers are far from the camera in a meeting room?


you whisper