TIL the head of the Dept of Labor used to be the Mayor of Boston

From his official bio:

In 1997, he was elected to serve as a State Representative for one of the most diverse districts in Massachusetts. There, he focused on creating good jobs, protecting workers’ rights, expanding mental health treatment, and investing in public transit.

Following his time as a State Representative, Secretary Walsh spent the last seven years as the Mayor of the City of Boston. While mayor, he led the creation of close to 140,000 jobs and helped secure a statewide $15/hour minimum wage, paid sick leave, and paid parental leave. He established Universal, high-quality Pre-Kindergarten for all children, and free community college for low-income students.

He seems like exactly the type of guy who would run a department that would frown upon a man refusing to pay another man what he is owed as his employee.

i have the smartest and best friends

as you may know i am in a moral dilemma.

but my friends don’t seem to think I am.

this guy right here is basically saying if i went to court over the fact i wasn’t paid, i would earn not just the $2,500 owed to me

plus $40,000+ in late pay.

a pair of lawyers who messaged me in DMs told me they’d represent me pro bono,

is this how obama felt when someone acted a fool and dared him to use weapons?

are connections weapons?

is the law?

i dont mind confrontations but i dont really seek them out after i got outta the xbi

i just want a peaceful, mellow, loving life where i can be creative for art sake

why am i being tested?

a different job i wanted wrote me tonight and said im not gonna get it

i have mixed feelings about that too.

incredible brand. one of my favorites.


i feel they’re making some glaring mistakes and i was going to have to bite my tongue because that is not the job i was being hired for.

as per the job i was applying for, i also think they were making some mistakes.

this brand is an industry- and cultural leader but they treat social media like

everybody else.

some brands should never be basic bitches.

they should be trailblazers every chance they can.

i was so excited to talk with them two weeks ago im sure i blabbed the poor woman’s ear off

she prob thought i was on coke.

and who knows maybe i asked for too much money.

is $75k to be the online face of your thing too much money?

but this thing theyre selling is like mining gold.

the last detail they should worry about is budget for staff, as long as the staff is really working.

anyways heres something another friend told me about my situation above, re: not getting paid

this is not about you being mean or vengeful or not turning the other cheek; this is about someone, with whom you had a professional, and presumably legal, agreement with, breaking that agreement and stealing from you by refusing to pay you for your work. That is illegal and he should suffer the consequences of breaking the law. Good luck!

her punctuation alone is amazing.

and of course her advice is spot on.

still, i dont want to send drones over the border.

but i also dont want this behavior to persist.

i wish i knew how to meditate.

this is why i need a smart girlfriend.