very excited that this podcast is going up on time

here’s the crazy thing: every one of our podcasts have gone up on time

i have never had a problem with deadlines

deadlines are your friends.

but this week’s was actually done a little early, i had time to watch church, fold my laundry, do some dumb baseball card things, and write a few blog posts.

am i getting better? do we have a little rhythm?

this blog post for Jake is actually way longer and includes more images than the typical post but i think because he spoke very clearly it was easier to post?

who knows. who knows anything. all i know is i wanted him very badly to be part of this

then it happened. and now he’s back in Texas for who knows how long?

sometimes that window of opportunity is there

and sometimes you have to wait outside that window and throw lil pebbles at it

imma go to sleep, wake up and put it up and be happy.

i am very happy doing this podcast.

this will be number 19.

nuh nuh nuh nuh nineteen.