i know im doing something wrong, but i dont care

every time i put out a podcast it flops on my Facebook.

i can’t figure out the algorithm. FB typically doesn’t like links that go outside of its walls, so i make little videos and upload them into FB.

it doesnt seem to like that neither.

maybe my friends are tired of me, of IT of my subjects.

but the subjects dont really tweet it out either.

people dont write me nice emails saying what a good job i did for them.

all of which is weird because


i love the blog posts, i love the commercials, i love it allllllllll

i almost want to tweet

“i dont care if you dont listen to this but here it is”

but i do care

the thing is i care slightly less every week because i know people arent going to listen in the numbers i want them to listen.

we’ve done 19 episodes and only one girl is all omg lets make love.

one other has said something like that but shes married so it doesnt count.

the omg lets sex it up ratio needs to improve

but again, i dont care because i know how great these things are.

i know if i get hit by a meteor tomorrow people will say sure the busblog, sure LAist

but have you heard Hear in LA? it’s genius.

so much credit has to go to Jordan and if i die i hope he gets all the credit he deserves because heres the crazy thing that you dont see: when you have a team, a real team, sometimes you need the other guy to slam it home.

i can dribble dribble dribble but when i alley

i need someone to oop.

jordan slams it home every time.

he makes it better, but more importantly he closes the deal.

the other day i was all, ok we need some audio clips from jake’s youtube. i found them, sent them to jordan and because jordan is a pro musician he added some original piano underneath one of the clips to make it sound sad.

it made the whole thing sound perfect.

i cant believe how lucky and happy i am to be doing this.

if i can get even the smallest part time job for a little while i will be able to keep this train rolling

because someone is going to discover this