is this thing gonna work out?

the first few times i went into the Daily Nexus i was so afraid

also i did not understand the instructions and my first “piece” was thrown directly into the garbage


aka the floor.

it wasn’t even good enough for the can.

a few years later i was one vote away from being the boss.

i love every one of these podcasts.

i love todays too.

why it’s not on fire is beyond me.

are people busy?

this is the most interesting challenge i have had in a very long time and maybe because i care so much, it’s like straining when youre on the throne

and you should just let it ease out.

and then go on with life.

but i cannot go on with life.

this is my life.

odd because if i literally do not move on to the next episode

we wont get to it

and it’s due in a few days.

today’s was the 19th or 20th episode.

Jodie Evans

someone got mad about it.