watched a dude get handcuffed for drinking a beer

went to venice to see if i could get lucky and just interview someone right there on the sidewalk

i did it in hollywood and it was an interesting episode and since it was a jewish holiday i figured the traffic would be light

didnt matter i took Venice Blvd all the way down to keep it real

walked around then heard a commotion

then saw two cops instantly handcuff a dude and his Bud Light Spiked Lemonade can rolling around

open container

but the thing is you cant handcuff someone for that

its an infraction

not even a misdemeanor.

yr supposed to just give them a ticket and if they run away who the hell cares its a dumb ticket

meanwhile who are we kidding theres ppl drinking, drunk, and smoking weed (and worse) all up and down the place

on top of that they were doing this all while making him stare at the mural of the Wizard of Venice

the first Black man who was allowed to have a house in Venice

and out of his love for the place he decorated the joint, made masks and floats (bc they were trying to emulate the venice in italy)

and he even figured out that a disco ball would look super cool in a dance hall

the two cops even called for back up as the crowd objected to them using undo force on

a guy with a beer

this was his friend

later i realized these two cops were young and scared

and probably didnt like it when people said

if you handcuff black people

and not white people

then thats whats called racism.

and i realized they coulda shot me

even accidentally

which woulda been weird because i had just seen the Marx Brothers’

A Night at Casablanca

and harpo was playing the harp and it looked like thats something that would hurt your fingers

but then i figured nothing hurts in heaven

which is why they probably have so many harps up there

finally you can jam on those things.

i ate poorly on the way out there

and on the way home i stopped by some stores

and got sweet potatoes and peas

and made an all veggie dinner

then someone i respect a lot handed me a huge compliment

which was very very nice