as you see i took a week off

it’s weird to say but that crazy cat threw me off my tracks

i re-evaluated everything. even this blog. everything.

clearly ive decided to keep this as it *does* serve a purpose other than having incredible women fall in love with me.

ive also decided to keep the animals, even though they drive me nuts and force me to feel emotions when i least expect it.

i think i may have also scored a job.

i collect mail on an outlook server so if that doesn’t mean i have a job, then i dont know what does

i still havent signed any paperwork though and after that last experience, who knows whats really going on any more, because now that i think of it, i had an email address over there too.

and an offer letter.

these entire covid years have been a mind fuck

so little makes sense

now i have to try to figure out if i want the johnson and johnson booster or one of the other two

i didnt get sick AT ALL when i took the original J&J and they are now saying that they are the least effective of the others

so if i could take one of the others why wouldnt i?

the question is, when am i ok being out for a day or two if thats the situation.

the only thing ive got going on this weekend is hanging with the boys on sunday so friday might be the day

i am extremely grateful to be working with these people. they are good.

they are do gooders.

i want to do that for the rest of my life.

that is what i was born to do but i got side tracked.

all ive ever wanted was to be a positive force

i hope this is real.