do you know i love you? i do.

over the last few months ive been burning the candle at both ends.

working and working on two very different things, both hard, but rewarding.

yesterday on the subway i was told that i would have more time to work on the other thing

which is fine, but a lot of what i had been working on for them was figuring out how to figure it out.

we had an SEO guy at the Times come in for a while and he was fantastic and i think in the room of 50, i was one of the very few who totally understood what he was saying because i am a super nerd for that sort of thing.

so when i went to KPCC, he was the first guy i had them consult with.

it was there that i realized why everyone spaced out to him at the Times: no one wants to hear the magic doesnt work overnight.

the internet and search and social media, combined, is the most finicky, unpredictable wyld stallion who does not want to be figured out or gamed or mastered because once that happens

spamming will ruin it all.

even when you figure out something you’re probably better off not exploiting it in major ways because the other thing about the internet is theres scoreboards everywhere

you want a slow, steady, reasonable, understandable climb.

it took a good year at the Academy to get the ball rolling. and that was an extremely familiar and rightfully beloved brand. top of the heap. and still it was an aircraft carrier that resisted turning and speeding up.

time takes time, ringo.

if youre gonna play a pinball machine for a year, you should, for sure, tilt it in the first game to see where the sidelines are. but then people call you the tilter.

if i could go back in time, i would, so i could learn a few things

one: kpcc to find out what i coulda done there to make it work

because that scoreboard barely moved.

im dying to find out why.