the goal this week is to do nothing

to truly take a break, driver 8

but it’s tough

yesterday i walked out of two movies bc i was so antsy in my panties

the first was macbeth, and you know me, if you put a brother in a role typically held for white dudes, im in.

but i fell asleep 3x.

i have a rule, if i fall asleep more than 2x im out.

also denzel, too plump and too old to play the warrior king. wtf!

put michael b jordan in that shit.

let him kill ice cube.

its supposed to be the young buck who cant be stopped, listening to his nagging wife about how he should be the king

frances mcdermont is lady mac?


shes not a whiner or a nagger, great actress but what?

put nicki minaj in the role.

they do this thing in AMCs now where they dont tell you any more outside the theaters which movie is inside and when it started. they dont want ppl like me “sneaking” in to movies they didnt pay for.

so you have to do a lot of deducing using the AMC app.

West Side Story was only playing in one theater an it started 11 minutes before i got in there and i got through half of it, but ansel anderhoff is too pretty and you never see why he loves the latin girl

also she should have been played by ariana grande, like wtf.

spielberg painted a pretty picture and rita moreno was really good

but i needed to get the heck out of there

walked out in the cold and drizzle and saw theres a Guisados – I was in Burbank

got the sampler for $10 after tip


perfectly cast.