this lack of blogging is a bit concerning

i’m fine, no really, very good.

the small business association wants to give me some money for free, which is weird and nice and i dont really understand it

but in a world where ppl take for no good reason. sometimes its nice when others wanna give for equally no good reason other than they dont want you to revert to a life of crime.

i was asked by a company to work for them. someone told me one of their biggest supporters told them to hire me.

because i have had some very bad luck this year of either not being paid (Boston dude) or having to ask over and over and over to get paid by other companies i said, heres what i want. i want a typical salary for the position you are offering but i want half up front and half at the fourth of july.

because im a weirdo i look at the year this way:

Super Bowl
Opening Day
Fourth of July

will i die lonely and penniless?


but my treasure, as is yours,

is in the kingdom of Heaven