every dish is dirty

I don’t even have a clean fork

I’ve been taking the last week off of Hear in LA because people should learn how to relax and I’m one of those people.

It’s spilled over to doing the dishes which was funny today bc I found a plastic fork and I was all yes!

Couldn’t figure out why the fridge smelled – thought it was the dishes. Then I realized I’d cooked a bunch of collard greens last night.

I didn’t have anything to microwave the food with so I omg used the last remaining frying pan

Forked in a few scoops of greens, blacked eyed peas and the remaining white rice and America, it was so good.

May have been the butter and pepper I put in there.

Bought some silverware off eBay.

the lottery is $500 million

what would I even do? hide.

can’t really travel bc everyone’s got COVID and we really shouldn’t be doing squat, let alone traveling the world.

first place I’d go is Japan.

then Bethlehem.

what would I do for the world?

I’d bring toupees back. Those and leisure suits.

Then I’d buy my momma the McDonald’s by her house.

And paint that bad boy pink.