why i love the clash episode 34132423

greatest punk band ever.

and yet look at how theyre dressed.

they make pete townshend (who has 777x more money then they do) look homeless

dapperest mfs in town.

topper has a damn hankie in his pocket

i wanna be punk like them.

in that, i do not want to abide by yr rules

i dont want you to think you know whats coming.

heres whats coming: awesome fucking something.

the clash were the most melodic and at times quietest punk band ever

they defied the term

intentionally? no. but you just cant put them in a box.

i dare you to find the box for me.

or most of the things ive done.

if you did though, heres the stamp they’d have put on it




if i was more in touch with my feelings id cry now

i had this super important call today on zoom.

i showered, shaved, put on a nice shirt

even put on pants even though no one can see.

opening was good. middle was decent.

then i was asked a question i should not have answered.

i knew it was a sensitive subject and worse of all, i knew i had a punk rock answer.

not everyones punk rock. this person was super cool, but not punk rock.

i should have answered the question with another question like

“you’re an expert in this world, what do you think?”

instead because this was a tiny bit like a job interview, i was dead set on

being smart.

or at least being perceived as bright.

i did the opposite.

i said the thing i should not have said.

i called a play that was complicated.

that required everything to fall into place perfectly.

if it was a football pass i needed to thread the needle

i did not thread the needle and it all fell apart.

i went on a long walk.

then i accepted a lunch date.

i really wish i had someone to talk with about this but

the truth is, it’s ok.

the truth is, imma do this damn thing even if it’s literally the last thing i do

i may get rich off it, it may put me into debt

i dont care. it doesnt matter. it will get done and when i die this is the thing that people will praise me for.

not that i need praise when im dead

but im gonna say here and now, i fucked up today

it was an unforced error.

i knew the question was coming

and i muffed it.

im gonna watch tv now and think about crying

but do everything except that.