yesterday i did some things im not proud of

at the top of the list is i didnt drink enough water

and my gout returned and i hobbled around and felt very old

i wonder how this might affect my body and my feet, long term

i also wonder what i am eating that is causing this.

is it just not drinking a lot of water?

rarely do i accept water from people who offer it to me

but when I was interviewing Sass i accepted and drank. and in my car i went through two small bottles.

and at home i drank and drank and peed and peed and now i feel a little better

but mama mia if i have to drink a half gallon a day this is going to be an interesting next 50 years

because i could go a whole day without drinking 12 ounces

which is maybe why we are where we are.

have i been busy?


today i was interviewing one dude and when it was over i asked

do you have any neighbors i should interview?

he said, i have a neighbor who played bass with bob dylan

during the infidels tour

and also grew up with Andy Kaufman

i am busy and lucky and i love you and i hope you love whats coming up next

On this day in 1980 some kid brought this to school

An album.

Who brings an album to school?

Somehow a record player got rolled in on a stand with wheels usually used for a little movie projector. The kid opened the album and put it on the turntable

I was in 8th grade.

“The Cradle Will Rock” blasted out. Was that a 747?

Eddie Van Halen.

I had heard Van Halen before but it never really cut through me like it was doing. My heart was beating. Pounding.

Before I knew it “Everybody Wants Some” saw our backs were against the ropes and came in for the knockout.

Was this band playing in the jungle?

How was this fair? Where were the teachers?

Just two years previous I had kissed a girl for the first time and couldn’t believe it. Two songs in and I felt the same way about whatever brand of rock this was.

You can talk in the middle of the drum beat break down?

‘i always liked those kind of high heels, too.’

Previously kids had brought a few things into school over time that were cool.

One kid brought his damn horse, Chief.

But this was better. And I understood why he brought it in.

‘look, i’ll pay ya for it.’

rip taylor hawkins

poor dave grohl has lost two best friends now

so sad bc both were seemingly the type of men

you’d want all men to be.

dave had the foo fighters playing all the time, year after year

little shows big shows humongous shows.

etienne and i saw them at a damn video game convention

and they put on a damn two hour epic concert..

first time i saw them was at the universal with The D opening

last time was at the Sound City show at the Palladium

life is short, unfair, and things happen unexpectedly

get in the van and rock.

super full day

the day started when i uploaded the newest episode of Hear in LA

today is Season 5: Atwater Village

Sabrina See was so funny, so real, can’t wait to do the webpage this weekend

then I got interviewed on a podcast about race, hosted by a half vietnamese dude

it was on Zoom which i dont like but i liked the topic


then i sped to Larchmont Village to interview a real estate agent who i went to college with

she brought sandwiches i brought water we podcasted in her offices training room

it was 100x better than i expected hopefully that will come out in a month

there was this weed thing i was invited to. i wasnt sure if i wanted to go

but i was pumped from the two interviews and i had a mini baguette of a sandwich i hadnt eaten yet

i was relatively close to the grove so i said lets see what movie is there to kill 2 hours

because the weed thing was in santa monica and didnt start for 2 hours

turned out the apple store moved to a place with higher ceilings

because why?

saw the new sandra bullock rom com

it was cringe in parts and a little cheesy

but also a little good.

shes amazing

then said fuckit and went to the weed thing

ran into adam from the LA Times who we *just* were on twitter trying to arrange a time

he could be on the podcast and there he was

with his boss

and the weed company is actually a vape company

so they gave us a vape

and six boxes of weed things you put on the vape

interesting finger foods

free drinks

and free valet.

drove adam home

got home and tried the vape and we’ll see if i cough in the morning

because each puff made me cough

but i gotta say, the stuff works

and hasn’t kept me from being productive.

speaking of heres what ive got tomorrow

chinatown interview / doctors appt / phone interview / atwater village interview

then i have a lunch on saturday

for the record i do not really like to be doing This Much over three days

but if this vape works, it may be tolerable

who am i?

i accomplished so much this weekend.

i wrote an email, left it in draft to see if i needed to send it.

sent it.

did part one of a blog post that has to go out Monday, then finished it today.

as planned? what?

i scheduled FIVE hear in LA interviews for this upcoming week.

am i nuts?

and then i saved the Oscars

whats crazy about that one is i got a lot of really good feedback telling me they either

loved the idea

or it would be stolen (good!)

or there were some good points in it.

a lot of time i get zero feedback for my wild ideas, but this one hit home

AND it was published on a Sunday at 5pm – a time “experts” say

is a terrible time to put anything online because ppl are not at work goofing off.

i have always said, good content will get shared no matter when you publish it.

and i stand by it.

ok gotta go to the val tomorrow for two of my interviews.

interviewed a guy today and we talked about what it is to be a friend

he had been a friend of a former girlfriend of mine who met each other in summer camp when they were in high school.

because i met her a few years after that our paths never crossed.

he was a deep thinker, extremely successful, humble, and we respected each other.

‘how do you define a Friend,’ he asked me, turning the tables.

we were in his beautiful home and i said that i remembered being in a courtroom once and a lawyer was cross examining a witness of a violent crime.

the lawyer was trying to prove the witness was unreliable because he had called the assailant a friend. in a cruel display, he asked the witness, who was homeless, why he thought the other man was his friend.

i dont know, he said, obviously not wanting to be tricked by this educated lawyer.

had you two ever broken bread together? the lawyer asked.

broken bread?

eaten together. had you two ever had lunch or dinner together? the lawyer said indignantly.

no, the homeless man admitted.

have you ever been to each other’s house, the lawyer asked in the lowest blow ive ever seen in a courtroom.

objection, the defense lawyer said.

i’ll allow it, said the judge.

no, the homeless guy said looking down.

and ever since then i thought that was an interesting pair of tests. have you been to each other’s place is a lot higher bar than have you omg broken bread because at the workplace you eat lunch all the time with coworkers even though you wouldnt really call them friends.

the man who owned the house liked that story.

he then said, so what defines your close friends, and i dont mean girlfriends.

close friends? people who really know you?

and i said, if they know about the xbi.

xbi, he asked? did i see that on your license plate.

you certainly did.

what is it?

lol, i said, ask my close friends.

well give me a hint, he pressed further.

i said, anyone who know my relationship with the xbi knows, for example, that it’s useless to lie to me. and they’d never do it.


and that could be one reason they remain close to me.

afterwards i ordered a bacon egg and cheese biscuit at mcdonalds but the kid gave me two sausage mcgriddles, something i’d never had before and it wasnt bad.

i had so many great chats with people yesterday

i do feel goodness around me. it’s odd. but i feel it.

there was a time when i was walking tonight, late at night, that i thought

theres bad around me right now

and i thought, if i was someone who had just won the lottery, would i be walking around there

at that hour

and i thought, probably not.

but why? because i might get stabbed or murdered?

that doesn’t really happen though.

also, i was walking right past a hospital at that time.

i dont think ive ever heard of a guy getting murdered right in front of a hospital.

so let me just say this: if i do get stabbed and die in front of one of the hospitals,

and they erect a statue of me

please make sure im wearing a cubs hat

and tsar is playing on my phone.