proud of myself bc i fixed this blog

even though ive been blogging over 20 years now i dont know how to fix anything.

id always ask friends for help.

one of the nice things about Blogger was you could put in a support ticket and ask them for help and they would and they were always so nice about it.

then the other day either on tiktok or youtube this programmer said

psssst we’re not really all that smart, we just know how to Google better than you and use Stack Overflow

so there was this error on the top of my blog and i googled it

then i clicked the Stack Overflow result

and it said turn off each of your plugins one by one.

this would have been scary for me but after the Cubs won the world series i just stopped giving a fuck.

my blog does not look as pretty as when Gregg designed it, but it is nice to be able to play around with it. i hope to do more of that on

i have so much to do for that thing. voice overs, editing, and working on the website.

young natasha the other day fully insulted so much of hear in LA, mostly the social media

and i wanted to say girl we’re blasting out two episodes a week do you think thats easy?

im also downloading a proper audio editing program so i can wack out most of the obvious cruddiness before i send it to jordan

that way he can get through the edits faster and we can more easily pump out two a week.

control is an illusion, true

but having more ability to make the blogs cooler

and the podcast more beautiful

then i can focus on the hard stuff

making the video commercials