i like social media experiments

my Hear in LA youtube page only has 15 subscribers

who knows when i will really do hear in LA videos, but i wanted a place to store things unique to the podcast.

i also am a fan of public domain things.

for example this little interstitial for concessions is something they play before every screening of a film at the Vista, my local cinema

so i put it on the Hear in LA page, tagged it properly, described it using the correct SEO terms

and son of a biscuit, it’s got over 5,000 views.

which is more than how many people listened to the podcast about the Vista manager, sadly, even though it was incredible and he’s such a beloved man.

which makes me think i need to shoot little videos of these people

put those bad boys on the YouTube channel and see what happens

because im sorry, Victor’s origin story is way more interesting than this little song.