if i had my way

id release 5 episodes of hear in LA next week

we have more than that many in the can and i just listened to one of them today

and it is soooooooo goooood

is this why i dont have children?

i would have just loved the newest one and forgotten about the rest?

the one coming out today is with alex dionne who i went to ucsb with

who is a real estate person now in a very fancy part of LA

so she has sold a house that cost over $5 million.

you get $100k commission for that

her answers were so good but because im an idiot i didnt know how to mic the convo

therefore theres echos every where in the thing

like so much it sounds like we are in a church inside a cave inside my skull

i wonder if people will ignore it

im such a weirdo about sound quality now

im terrified people will stop listening due to technical issues

anyways shes great and, heres the people off the top of my head coming up next

sass, a dude who the cops targeted, a woman who used to work for shonda, a dude who the sheriff of LA hates the most, a great photographer, a woman who knows everything about transportation, and a guy who played bass in bob dylans band

i want them all out right now

the world needs to hear all of this it’s so good – but i only do 2 a week

that means half of that you wont hear until next month

i may have to convince jordan that we need to do a menage a trois weekend and bust with three on the same week… or even three in the same day omg omg