today they sold a warhol of marilyn for $195 million

money is the weirdest thing.

pretty sure that’s why the Bible is against it.

you could chase after it all your life, do all these weird things youd never do to get it

then decades after youre dead, all your shit is worth 1,000x more

and the shit hasn’t changed.

if anything theres more art for people to buy,

some might even say Better things to buy

but nope, they want your old thing which was a picture you blew up

and colorized.

be good is what the bible says to do instead of chase money

help the poor is what it says

help your neighbors.

be cool.

and yet, when push comes to shove there we go applying to work for companies

who dont really want the real tony pierce

they want some picture they can blow up

and colorize.