do you know how good i feel today

yesterday we produced our 50th episode.

50 episodes in 10 months.

do you know how crazy that is?

and we took two months off when COVID was raging.

and neither of us got paid for any of this.

labor of love.

planting the seeds.

figuring shit out.

i wanted this 50th episode to be special and spectacular

and like a Sports Illustrated double issue swimsuit edition

and look at how it doubled the views of a normal day:

before we publish a podcast i like to take a walk and listen to it in earphones

earbuds, earpods, whatever you wanna call it.

i want to hear it the way someone might if they were hiking.

most of our shows are an hour and that allows me to get like 7,500 steps in

but yesterday’s was a two hour bonus edition

so i walked and walked and ended up at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

and lo, i saw the xbi has already gotten me a giant tombstone next to a beautiful palm tree.

so nice of them. but no, i am not returning!

even though i only live a few miles away from hollywood forever, ive never just strolled over there because it really would take about 2 hours to go there and back and I HAVE THINGS TO DO


which is crazy because Johnny Ramone wants to play for us.

we should listen.

and we should mourn the death of Grass.

while walking around i laughed outloud, i smiled, i beamed. it was a great episode.

just listening to it i knew it would take off.

which is something i say about all of them, but this one i just knew

it was just so controversial and wild and hyper local and interesting.

i am so indebted to jordan for getting me off my ass to do this thing

and now we only have 1,450 left to go!

now to make some videos

listen to it by clicking here