dear people of the future

shits fucked right now in the usa

the most dangerous place for a child to be is in school believe it or not

guns kill more kids than anything else.

18 kids died yesterday and one party was outraged and the other was all whoops

whoops because one party gets millions and millions of dollars from the gun lobby to keep their mouths shut

i can be bought. true. especially now.

but even i, whore as i may be, has a line.

i dont even have kids but i cherish them. i know a little what it takes to raise them.

actually i dont know anything about that life. but still. it seems very hard. time consuming. painful. tiresome. burdensome.

to be honest i dont see the payoff, but my friends are no dummies and they keep having kids and havent eaten any of them yet. so there must be something there.

therefore we should protect them.

or at least find a new way for them to die other than this very silly one: guns.