do i have bad ideas sometimes? oh God yes.

i have so many ideas that come in and out of my head it might be shocking to those who don’t really know me.

and because i trust people and love them, and because i never take anything with too much seriousness, i often share those ideas with people for a few reasons

– to see if they think it’s a good idea
– to see if we can hone it into something even better
– to see if it was a bad idea

my biggest fear about Hear in LA being such a long marathon is that i would get sick of this one crazy idea after years and years and years.

in part because i do get bored easily because i have so many ideas shooting through me at all times.

some would say i smoke weed to slow down those ideas because they are overwhelming at times.

in my heart i love people, warts and all, and those warts i identify with because some days i feel like im nothing but a giant wart. but not in a sad way. just in a “i have gross things inside me that will one day ooze out, so sorry.”

but also, tomorrow i will ooze out something beautiful. so dont completely abandon me bc i come in peace.

but i am dark. no question.

in part because without the darkness we cannot see

the twinkly stars in the heavens.