E.T. turns 30 years old – a movie that took the world by storm

i remember going on a date to go to the movie

and we were driven by my date’s mom

who also saw the movie with us

and we all cried

and cheered

and loved it

and saw it again the next week, minus the chaperone.

no one ever talks about henry thomas, the kid who played el-i-ot

erryone talks about Drew, who was pretty great too.

but this is his audition tape which you need to watch all the way through

brand new bob dylan

bob dylan is the greatest.
people are all envious of naked prince harry
or suave ass george clooney
or the guy who gets to drive the zamboni
but why wouldnt you wanna be bob dylan
smart, talented, unique, intense,
cryptic, mysterious, perfect.
for some reason i have two copies of his book
and i have not read it.
i listen every day to dylan.
today was “serve somebody”
and later in the night was this new thing
“Duquesne Whistle”
even the video is good.

deer tick covers the replacements in edmonton

cant hardly wait was a song the replacements kept in their back pocket for years only playing it live after westerberg wrote it during let it be.

because you only heard it on bootlegs or in concert, one was never sure if the line was

“Jesus rides a Harley, he never works, or sweats”

or “Jesus writes beside me, he never barfs or smokes.”

thus it was a revelation when Jim Dickinson finally got them to put it on wax in nashville during the Pleased to Meet Me sessions

and mellow it out which sorta shocking – because live they rocked it out at almost twice the tempo.

but it did allow fans to hear that westerberg was saying

“Jesus rides beside me, he never buys any smokes.”

rhode island’s deer tick kicked ass with this cover.

kirsten dunst sings the vapors’ “turning japanese” in japan

i once dated a girl and it was like two magnets but pointed the wrong way

i was obsessed with her

and she seemed to like going out with me.

but when we got close it was like something was pushing us away.

we went out time and time again and she was so cute

and i was so tall and handsome back then

but there was a strange lack of spark somehow.

i feel that way about this video by my gf kiki

worlds collide

two of my KPCC colleagues and several of my former LAT amigos

met up last week for ONA LA at the LA Times

a few minutes into this video, fellow Cub fan Ben Welsh takes over

by showing – to me – the most interesting desk at the LA Times

The Data Desk

very small collection of ridiculously smart computer scientists who also happen to be

amazing journalists.

i miss them all so so so much. they are easily the secret weapon of your hometown paper.