kerry wood is retiring today

doesnt it feel like it was just yesterday that he was 20 years old and struck out 20 houston astros at wrigley in his first complete game?

remember when it was zambrano, pryor, wood and one day of notsogood?

does anyone remember laughter?

heres the thing about that day in 1998 when the rookie kerry wood made baseballs seem like whiffle balls to the mighty houston astros – THERE ARE ONLY 27 OUTS IN A BASEBALL GAME

how on earth are all but seven of those strikeouts?

and when you look at the video, how are the curveballs nastier and dirtier as the game went on?

its something i think about SOOOOO MUCH.

sometimes when your day is going good everything works. even your mistakes turn into strokes of genius.

the question, saints, is how do we milk our good moments and turn them into a half day of brilliance, or omg an entire day of magic?

and then, as jimmy johnson said, how do we peak upon peak?

the cubbies did it for a little while when they added mark prior and later carlos zambrano.

now some will say, oh those guys ended up falling apart – but the thing is nothing lasts forever, so how do you

really really win

while the window of opportunity is wide open?


one of the most painful things the Cubs and Kerry had to do was part ways for a while. the Northsiders weren’t the right team for wood and the Cubbies couldn’t afford him while they were floundering.

so they broke up.

and heres why i love kerry wood forever: he put out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune to thank the fans and the team. Then the native Texan told everyone that no matter what happens he will always be a Chicagoian.

my mom clipped it out and sent it to me and i have it to this very day.

because winning and being successful is one thing, and its fleeting.

but class is something you can hone forever.

God Bless Kerry Wood. what a career. and im so glad hes retiring as a Cubbie.

friday never hesitates

this was a crazy week.

the xbi begged me to help them do something and i may have accepted.

a book publisher may have asked for a blog post to put in a book

an awards show may have told me im their keynote speaker

a fancy company may have taken me to dinner last night

a beautiful girl may have asked for my hand in marriage

i may have had the most delicious fish fin sushi the other night with karisa

i may have damaged my hands for a few weeks by blogging so much

two books i really wanted to buy this week ended up on my desk for free

this weekend i believe im seeing Bully with the truest

so who needs coachella?

i doooooooooo

today is hugh hefner’s 86th birthday

because life isn’t fair i got to interview him several times.

each time i was slightly less nervous but when you are in the presence of greatness its hard to keep it together.

this is a man who lives his life exactly the way he wants to and keeps it completely real.

exactly two years ago today i got to interview him at the mansion on a day he’d get his first iPad.

he’s a man who even when he lived in his hometown of chicago was a homebody,

and why not, his house was better than any crappy place he’d get invited to.

he loves movies, he loves journalism, he loves mavericks,

and he loves love.

what he taught me indirectly is that love isnt the same for everyone, but it is everyones goal.

for the longest time i wanted to go to the playboy mansion, and for decades i didnt even know where it was.

never did i ever think i would get a chance to have a one-on-one with the man and talk about sex.

so to make sure i didnt collapse in a heap, i wore my trusty Cubs hat,

which protects me whereever i go.

i hope hef lives to 185 because i dont think we have truly yet learned all that he can teach us.

happy birthday, the real-life most interesting man in the world.

the fray destroy the national anthem

and not in a good way.

also why are the Fray allowed to be on television

also why are the Fray allowed to even call themselves a band

people complain that certain news blogs shouldnt be called blogs because they arent written by dudes in their pajamas in their mommas basements

yet THIS can be called music

let alone rock music

let alone popular music.

please can we sacrifice these fakers to the pagan god of our choice in return for rain or draught or luck for the Cubs or something

and please lets stop letting them perform in front of millions

before a game that will rake in gazillions to everyone except the players