the only problem with Hear in LA is me

let’s say in 10 years i finish this thing.

i will overshadow it.

the same way Huell Howser overshadowed his show, and Anthony Bourdain overshadowed his, and Studs Terkel overshadowed Working.

you can’t help it. you think of the host and not the guest.

and worse, some people might not even dive into the thing because of the host.

in no way am i saying that i am powerful enough to go to every neighborhood in LA and the takeaway will be omg tony pierce is cooler than LA… im saying it will be known as a crazy epic thing that tony pierce made

instead of, omg heres all the neighborhoods of LA, thus here is LA, thus wow – lets check out some of these places


how cool were those people.

it seems to me the only way to get those results instead of the one i am afraid of

is to do it with a team. the bigger the better.

today Kevin Merida, the new editor of the LA Times, basically said Hear in LA is the way the LA Times should build trust.  when i agreed, both Angel Jennings (who used to be the only Black reporter on the giant Metro desk – and now she’s on the masthead) and the EIC both liked my reply when I said it was perfect.

not only do i hope they didn’t think i was being sarcastic

but i hope they know that if i am approached to do Hear in LA at the Times I would be more than interested, but i would want it to be a full court press

i would want as many people on the payroll as possible to interview the people in their neighborhood.

because when it’s a full team effort, the story becomes less about the storytellers

and way more about the people who are in those neighborhoods.

when Hear in LA is completed, i want people to remember the people.


dude quit the NFL

right in the middle of the game.

ppl are calling him crazy.

but the crazy ones are the ones who just keep on doing the thing they don’t wanna be doing.

and don’t know when it’s time to rip off your jersey and say bye to the fans in the end zone

gonna not do hear in LA for a bit

45,000 ppl got COVID this weekend in LA. why are we pretending that’s NBD?

if 45k got food poisoning this weekend we’d probably do something different. But no one is doing anything different.

I don’t mind doing some things differently. Especially if it’s the right thing.

The wrong thing is to run around, going into ppls homes and chatting them up.

The right thing is to make a real website. And stay in my home.

and drink chocolate milk right out of the barrel.

Yesterday I was texting and walking down the stairs outside and I missed a step and wiped out. My phone went flying. I have no idea how I wasn’t hurt. Fell on concrete. Jeans were tight bc I’m fat.

Phone didn’t break bc this case is incredible. God’s my case and I’m grateful.

every dish is dirty

I don’t even have a clean fork

I’ve been taking the last week off of Hear in LA because people should learn how to relax and I’m one of those people.

It’s spilled over to doing the dishes which was funny today bc I found a plastic fork and I was all yes!

Couldn’t figure out why the fridge smelled – thought it was the dishes. Then I realized I’d cooked a bunch of collard greens last night.

I didn’t have anything to microwave the food with so I omg used the last remaining frying pan

Forked in a few scoops of greens, blacked eyed peas and the remaining white rice and America, it was so good.

May have been the butter and pepper I put in there.

Bought some silverware off eBay.

the lottery is $500 million

what would I even do? hide.

can’t really travel bc everyone’s got COVID and we really shouldn’t be doing squat, let alone traveling the world.

first place I’d go is Japan.

then Bethlehem.

what would I do for the world?

I’d bring toupees back. Those and leisure suits.

Then I’d buy my momma the McDonald’s by her house.

And paint that bad boy pink.

my goal is to blog 2x every day on this mama jamma

Dylan, Coulter, Os, and Whalen of the Brothers Steve

i had 250 posts last year, which is less than 1 a day.

2 a day would be over 725.

i can do this. it’s just writing. marc brown’s wife told me she was amazed that i could just write like NBD. i told her i was amazed that people can’t write like NBD. just tell the story.

this picture is from when i interviewed the Brothers Steve in Os’ backyard.

it was a very awkward interview because we have all been friends for longer than the Internet existed.

and for some reason we had never talked about their music on the record before.

i think they were afraid id let out some weird secrets and i was afraid they wouldnt tell me weird secrets.

but it was a beautiful interview in the end and it sounds so good. and it was shorter than most of my others, but anyways at the end of it i said lets take some pics for the website

but i didnt use any of the pics because they seemed so posed, an unnatural.

also without Solomon, it’s not the full band. and i wouldn’t want to set a poor example for The Future.

this is the 21st year of the busblog

can you believe any of that?

today i made black eyed peas, which i dont think ive ever done.

the bag said it would take 3 hours, but for some reason i boiled them for 22 minutes and they were all, here we are now, entertain us.

opened a can of Glory collard greens, i had some white rice in the fridge.

toasted some buns. and boom. new years.

it’s quieter this year than last.

last year new years eve was the foreshadowing that we didnt have long together.

i built a fire, found something good on tv. and she sat next to the tv, but not near me.

i said im not sure things get any more romantico than this, dont you wanna come overby me

and she didnt budge.

a week later she was gone, forever.

so there you have it, one minute you have a raging fire, which on instagram means boning on a bear skin rug, but IRL means not one thing.

i hope where ever she is tonight shes happy and full and thinking good thoughts.

lord knows im about to do just that.

three major, lifechanging things happened in 2021

– Amber an I broke up on January 6 as the Capitol was being invaded. We’d been together for four years. It had its ups and downs. But I think we are both better now. So long live Amber and I am grateful for alllll of the good times we had.

– almost exactly 7 months later I finally launched Hear in LA, the podcast I pitched years ago and was rejected, then I pitched to a different shop and it was accepted but COVID struck and all hell broke loose.

so i decided to do it on my own. and when i did, the great Jordan Katz said lemme help you. and the rest has been a beautiful journey, 100x better than i expected. and i cannot wait to get back in that saddle after another week off.

– the third thing is very personal and probably shouldnt be discussed in this blog but lets say a beautiful woman, not long ago, taught me something, in bed, lets say, and it blew my mind and it’s odd that it came from her, and it’s odder that i thought i knew it all, but omg i dont know anything.

and for the next 50 years i will approach life like: i dont know shit, show me what you know.

the goal this week is to do nothing

to truly take a break, driver 8

but it’s tough

yesterday i walked out of two movies bc i was so antsy in my panties

the first was macbeth, and you know me, if you put a brother in a role typically held for white dudes, im in.

but i fell asleep 3x.

i have a rule, if i fall asleep more than 2x im out.

also denzel, too plump and too old to play the warrior king. wtf!

put michael b jordan in that shit.

let him kill ice cube.

its supposed to be the young buck who cant be stopped, listening to his nagging wife about how he should be the king

frances mcdermont is lady mac?


shes not a whiner or a nagger, great actress but what?

put nicki minaj in the role.

they do this thing in AMCs now where they dont tell you any more outside the theaters which movie is inside and when it started. they dont want ppl like me “sneaking” in to movies they didnt pay for.

so you have to do a lot of deducing using the AMC app.

West Side Story was only playing in one theater an it started 11 minutes before i got in there and i got through half of it, but ansel anderhoff is too pretty and you never see why he loves the latin girl

also she should have been played by ariana grande, like wtf.

spielberg painted a pretty picture and rita moreno was really good

but i needed to get the heck out of there

walked out in the cold and drizzle and saw theres a Guisados – I was in Burbank

got the sampler for $10 after tip


perfectly cast.