nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, March 8, 2015

    saw Blade Runner for the first time today 


    Sean Young was terrific and reminded me of midwestern dream girl Lindsay

    like Gene Siskel i thought the movie was sorta soulless and we end up not caring much for the characters except Young.

    but i thought the sets were obviously amazing and i was impressed with how they transformed DTLA into the future


    it’s interesting that Harrison Ford is still pretty much playing the same roles.


    one of the main characters (the guy on the left) was one of my favorite characters on Newhart. “I’m Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl”.

    which is ironic because as you can see here he shares many scenes in Blade Runner with Daryl Hannah, who was great, but no one ever talks about in this for some reason.

    the early 80s were great for Young and Hannah: Young was in this, Stripes, and No Way Out. Hannah was in this, Splash, and Clan of the Cave Bear.

    It’s interesting to see that Siskel and Ebert were split on this one way back in 1982, but both loved Diner (totally agree).

  2. Saturday, March 7, 2015
  3. Friday, March 6, 2015
  4. Thursday, March 5, 2015

    WLS in Chicago is dropping Rush Limbaugh 

    rush limbaugh

    Some things, especially evil things, you’d think would last forever. But alas, life constantly surprises.

    News is coming out that WLS-AM, one of the biggest radio stations in the nation, is ending it’s deal with one Rush Limbaugh, biggest blowhard on the air.

    It’s clear he hates women, minorities, and the poor, and ironically, he is one of the reasons that WLS (which originally stood for World’s Largest Store: Sears) has lost $4 million over the last year in sales. Apparently advertisers aren’t as giddy about being associated with the likes of Limbaugh as they once were. Boycotts are nasty things.

    But life isn’t.

    Hang in there, nice people. Evil doesn’t always prevail.

  5. Wednesday, March 4, 2015
  6. watched the Longest Yard last night, but it got cut off at the very end 

    hugsso i laughed.

    which scared the cats, which were laying on me.

    the night before i watched this older Jared Leto movie “Mr. Nobody”, which was weird, but good.

    this is my life without driving Uber.

    not sure i like it. can’t wait to get back out there.

    work has been busy, recapping what went down, setting up new things for the new year.

    xbi has been annoying. new neighbors have been loud.

    yesterday my buddy chris and i had a margarita at lunch. how did Don Draper do it?

    i guess he napped a lot on his couch.

    soon as i got home yesterday i took a nap bc of that silly margarita.

    realized i have good cats. they dont wake me or try to sleep on my head.

    when im asleep they sleep too. when im watching tv they sleep. when im reading they sleep.

    only time they bother me is when im eating, which i do a lot more at home cuz i dont wanna do it in my car.

    because my car is spotless.

    and will soon be earning me some income.

    so soon.

    i wanna see Chappie in iMax friday and it better not suck.

  7. Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  8. Monday, March 2, 2015

    today xTx came out with another book 

    xtxher last book was the best book i read that year

    so im sure this book will be the best book i read this year, which is why i bought it

    and why you should too.

    xTx is like quentin tarantino of writing stuff down, it’s at times brutal, and often beautiful.

    there are very few people who i think, i might never write as good as them,

    xTx is at the top of that list, and i heart her for that because i know she must practice a lot.

    she inspires me to keep blogging and maybe one day write another book, not so that i can compete with her but so i can break out of whatever shell the devil has convinced me to walk into.

    the good Lord wants us to write. that was the message ive gotten from xTx’s stories. He wants us to write because when we do we show the world that even though we look like the typical next door neighbor, we are filled with amazing insights and fascinating lies.

    we remind the world that the world is more than the world. it’s four dimentional

    the fourth wall being a waterbed

    and it’s heated.

    xTx reminds us that the days are going to pass anyhow, may as well be working on something, particularly something interesting and powerful. i ordered her book this afternoon and it was the easiest purchase i made next to buying kitty litter: it’s an of course.

    very few things in life are like that that doesnt involve poop.

  9. sometimes i feel like im living in the dumbest country in the world 

    narbonnei watch politics. i see people drive. i watch who gets married to each other.

    people cray.

    been cray since the garden where God said if you eat this and you’ll die and they listened to the snake instead.

    but youd think that in the world of education, you know, the schools, people be less cray.

    but no. they bone their students, they do gross things to cookies and make kids eat it, they resist against putting healthy foods in the cafeterias

    and now, today as a matter of fact, some brainiacs decided to punish an excellent girls basketball team


    Narbonne High School’s girls basketball team won’t get its hard-earned shot at an L.A. City Section Open Division championship this weekend, all because it decided to “Think Pink” with its uniforms in its semifinal win.

    The L.A. City Section announced Monday that Narbonne would forfeit its 57-52 semifinal win Saturday over View Park and be immediately removed from the playoffs because the team wore pink letters and numbers on their jerseys.

    Narbonne had been scheduled to face Palisades in the City final on Saturday night.

    how cold-hearted do you have to be to do that to a group of girls who obviously had no advantage over their opponents by having pink letters and numbers?

    how ignorant to Life and Death must you be to punish girls, instead of rewarding them, for doing something unselfish and beautiful?

    they always say, “think about the kids” or “what do i tell my kids about this?”

    heres what you tell your kids:

    some people are fucking assholes who hate themselves

    and take it out on others

    and will be disqualified from Heaven if they keep this shit up.

    that’s what you tell them.