nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, May 20, 2017

    she said im running late, is 8:30 ok? 

    i said it depends on what youre wearing.

    she said i was thinking schoolgirl?

    if you say 8:30 though and text me at 8 and ask if im ready i will not be ready

    i will be in the shower getting ready.

    i’ll text you back and tell you the back door is open

    and you can flip through my mountains of magazines as i dry off and shave

    the xbi runs on a


    schedule. they don’t like to make unnecessary adjustments for that is when mistakes occur.

    she took selfies on my bed

    with my cats.

    and texted them to me, 20 feet away.

    after a while i appeared


    white socks

    top hat


    i have no business experiencing the things i have in my life. knowing who i have. feeling what i do. doing what i do.

    but i say thank you a lot.


    and outloud.

    like yesterday as i kicked the cats out

    and shut the bedroom door.