nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, March 19, 2016

    there was a time when i felt things 

    cool skirtbut fortunately the xbi took care of that

    recently though i have been feeling things and thats good

    i have been feeling excited and disappointed and joyous and angry and

    all sorts of things

    and that makes me feel alive

    which we are, of course, right now

    for a limited time.

    there was a time when i stopped feeling things

    and at first it was better that way

    in fact, for a long time it was perfect

    to be an xbi agent requires a special demeanor.

    it’s almost like a jacket that fits too tight at first

    but it grows on you.

    and even though you think at any minute you’re gonna rip right thought it,

    everythings cool and the gang.

    tomorrow night im seeing bruce springsteen and the e street band and its good to be able to feel things when youre about to see the boss.

    especially when he asks, and i hope he does,

    is there anyone alive out there?