happy mlk day

what most non americans probably dont realize is even though mlk day is a national holiday and everyones supposed to have the day off,

for some reason a whole lot of america still has to work on mlk day.

in 1999 there was still four states that refused to acknowledge the holiday. the only reason arizona observed it starting in late 1993 is because they lost the Super Bowl in early 1993 because no one wanted the big game in a state so racist they would rather not have a fucking day off.

both amber and i had the day off this year, which was a treat because i was able to sleep in and we casually got it together and eventually made it out into the world. it was really windy, a little cold, but traffic wasn’t terrible. still way more cars than there should have been.

my belief is most people don’t get the day off unless they have a federal or state gig. and thats sad. what more does a guy have to do for people to really just give it up to him?

ironically, heres what i want to do next year. i want to drive around LA from 9am to 5pm and talk to people and see if they got the day off. i’ll leave their employers out of it because im not trying to shame anyone. i just want to show people how weird it is that we have a day off for a black hero, maybe the black hero, and people have to take a PTO day if they want it off, or they have to lie by calling in sick, or… they just work.

some holiday.

happy birthday, America

Happy birthday to my favorite country
a place where a man born to an African man and a midwestern woman
can go to Harvard, run for president, become president
and despite unprecedented Congressional cockblocking and cowardice,
miraculously pull a nation from a deliberating recession,
while killing tyrants, ending wars,
making the nation freer, healthier, and more prosperous
with style and eloquence.
As a Cub fan I look the other way when I remember he’s a Sox fan.
One day I hope his detractors can look the other way
when they remember
he’s not like them.
yours in rock,

the more we become educated the harder it is to be a dumbass


but some are trying super hard 

last night i watched the 1947 Academy Award winning movie “Gentlemen’s Agreement”.

the title comes from an unspoken rule in some communities in the Eastern part of the USA

back in the day

where one homeowner promised his other homeowners that if he ever sold his house

he wouldn’t sell it to a Jew.

this film was made not long after Americans went to war to defeat the Nazis

and yet returned home to a nation that wasn’t killing our Hebrew friends,

but they were still discriminating against them in various ways including

having places like country clubs and fine hotels being Restricted

meaning Jews were not welcome.


what’s interesting is if Jews weren’t allowed, then for sure Blacks weren’t accepted either

other than to clean up, shine shoes, and dance, of course

even though nearly 100 years before WWII, Abe Lincoln freed the slaves

because every man was  “equal” to every other man.

on paper.


which is to say nothing of women.

who to this day, are still not equal to men, in several ways.

too many to list here.


what fascinates me about all of this is when i drive new Americans around LA

they tell me that they love the USA so much.

Saudis, Kuwaitis, Germans, Jamaicans, Swedes, Chinese…

they all tell me that this place is really the country it’s advertised as being

it’s free.

you can do what you want.

you can be who you want.

you can smoke, drink, have sex, have dreams, be alive

you can spread your wings without fear of having them cut off.

and of course, everything is a matter of perspective.

and i wonder when that honeymoon period will wear off

and they realize that this beautiful country is


just as backwards as where they fled from.

and in some ways, worse, because we should know better.

and we have seen firsthand that when you treat people different than you

like family

the results are usually wonderful.


most fascinating thing about Gentlemen’s Agreement?

it was greenlit by 20th Century Pictures head honcho Darryl Zanuck who was not allowed to join a prominent Los Angeles country club

because he was Jewish.

Hollywood, at that time, was run by Jews, it was believed by some.

and indeed, many of the studio heads at that time were Jewish.

but the irony was Zanuck was Protestant.

when he saw this discrimination first hand, he was inspired to make this movie.

The film was nominated for 8 Oscars, it won three: Best Picture, Director, and Supporting Actress

Zanuck himself accepted the Oscar for Best Picture.

today is the united states of america’s birthday, it’s 24

obama fist bump

a long time ago dinosaurs lived in what is now known incorrectly as america

incorrect, i say because there is a north, south, and central america, and it’s arrogant to call just one of it america

after the dinosaurs lived here, the native americans did their thing

and were eventually replaced by what is now known as Americans, which isn’t an arrogant term somehow.

the united states has many terrible terrible things in its short history, and some extremely cringeworthy things happening now.

but what strong country doesnt?

one reason i love the USA is because it’s completely capable of saving the world just as easily as it is capable of ruining it.

it’s as dysfunctional and ridiculous as many of its relationships, and oftentimes rooted in what it hopes it saysanother reason i love the US is because of its relationship with the Bible.

they promised us jetpacks

as opposed to what it really truly is.

i love that the USA invented country, jazz, blues, rock n roll, and hip hop

as if no other nation had the tools.

same goes for Hollywood

and Silicon Valley.

i love that the US is a collection of people from all over the globe, but what i really love is its becoming even funkier

even more people are coming here or being born here and figuring it out and adding their two cents

and joining the chorus of dreams coming true right here.

i like that anyone crazy enough to do it can get married now.

i like that two states said f it we’re gonna legalize this weed that has never killed anyone.

i like that a fourth major tv network has brought variety to the dial

and i like that netflix and hbogo and tivo and the xbox, all american creations, are taking us to the next place

i like that i can get on a bus and here a variety of languages

i like that i could kiss a pretty girl right this minute simply by saying

abraham lincoln sent me

i love that we invented the internet

and the clapper

and the turducken.

when i was a kid i was taught to fear russians

then we were told to learn japanese cuz they were gonna take over

then people said to fear muslim extremists

and now the chinese.

the only thing i fear is that america will forget it can achieve anything it wants

any time it wants

no matter how crazy the idea is

wifi is a crazy idea.

but fearing the boogey man is just stupid.

i cant wait for america to be brave again. and free.

cuz thats my favorite flavor of america.

happy 237th birthday, usa.

land that i love.

white only

white only

we’re gonna swim in the pool
no matter how many signs you put up
no matter what you think is in our hair
no matter what you think is in our skin.

we’re gonna kiss your daughters
no matter how many dirty looks you throw
no matter how many threats you know
no matter how bad you think you are

we’re gonna live our lives
no matter what you try to do
no matter how you change the rules
no matter when you go to hell,

go ben frank go

what is my favorite podcast?

i like jessicas yes jessica, of course, duh

but the one i find myself listening to all the time is The Minutes which is done by <3 Patience <3 from The Grates

and her friend Melinda Buttle who is a comedianne.

they’re young australian ladies with the best accents and funny tales of fights, shows, one eyed cats, food, fast food, and aussieland

i like it because it takes me to a new world.

also its nice to hear girls talk in foreign lands.

other day on the minutes (whose ringtone is my ringtone, fyi) they had the new drummer dude of the grates on

and he was talking about Ben Franklin. now the drummer dude seems like  a good man. and hes american. but i was wondering if it was rude to bring up a non-president like Ben on a podcast in australia with two nice aussie ladies?

how are they supposed to know anything about ben?

after the dude said that ben went to prostitutes and may have had slaves (i dont think he did either), one of the ladies asked which dollar bill he was on (cute). and when they were told, they said “maybe he should be demoted to the $1”.

oh the minutes.