nothing in here is true

  1. Friday, January 5, 2018

    fakers always quit 

    theres a youtube celebrity jackass named Logan Paul who fell into the trap of

    instead of shining his fleeting light on others

    chose to constantly try to one-up himself by being more and more obnoxious

    and extreme

    than all the other youtube jackasses including his jackass brother.

    he did it by visiting japan and instead of showing his millions of fans

    the beauty and culture and magic of the island

    he instead took a walk inside the Sea of Trees

    otherwise known as the Suicide Forest

    which his cameras caught living up to its name.

    when he posted the deceased hanging from a tree, the internet backlash was quick and sure.

    it roundly called the 20something Paul an asshole

    and he shot a video apologizing and then said he was going to take a little break from posting on youtube.

    which, to me, proves that he is a faker.

    a real youtube star never abandons his post.

    did Tolstoy stop writing novels when his life got hard?

    did Woody Allen stop making films?

    not even death could stop 2Pac from rolling out hits, but Logan Paul,

    the moment he becomes actually interesting


    logs off like a bitch.

    this process that he is going through of wrestling between

    Should I Stop Being A Clown


    When Can I Go Back To Being a Worthless Clown

    if done in a realistic manner, could be beneficial to the viewer and youtuber alike.

    Van Gogh painted through this problems, not because of money money money

    but because he was a painter.

    all of these people who quit doing the thing that they allegedly are omg soooo awesome at

    to me, seem like they were only in it for the money.

    which is the most jackassy thing to be in it for.

  2. Thursday, December 21, 2017

    when andy warhol was asked what he thinks of his critics 

    he said

    oh… they’re right.

    being a writer or an artist or even a person in the world walking around dealing with other people

    there will be a still small voice in your head that says

    the most terrible negative nonsense

    about how you are horrible at this, or mean to that person

    or stinky or old or naive or out of touch or phony

    and there will be this little





    that says

    tony pierce you are the best in the fucking world

    and i love you.

    at least thats what mine says.

    and if you are going to put yourself out in the world as a public writer or artist or musician or

    just dude proclaiming here i am here i am here i am

    the echo you get back will often be a mixture of stfu with oh god please stfu.

    there is no way to handle that dynamic

    other than handle it.

    and from my time in the crosshairs, the best way that i have learned to deal with it, is to learn from mr warhol

    and just flat out agree with them.

    and then when they’re trying to figure out what just happened,

    go on and do your damn thing anyway.

    and do your best to make your thing bad ass

    cuz lord knows now theyre really gonna let you have it.

  3. Sunday, August 6, 2017

    todd had an art opening on Saturday night 

    it was a celebration of his entire career which has spanned designing the skateboard decks for several companies, a wide world of art, and his cartoons for legendary magazines like Penthouse

    in fact Penthouse was there to interview the man of the hour

    the place was packed with family, friends, fans, and even kids who got their decks signed.

    what’s amazing about Todd is he is one of the few artists you know who have been able to avoid “real jobs” for most of his adult life. for the exception of the short time that he was roommates with me in Frisco, Todd has always made his living from doing art.

    and whats best of all is Todd’s art doesn’t hold back. it’s in your face, it’s dark, it’s powerful, and it’s funny. all the things that will stop you from being able to go commercial, but the thing about Todd is he couldn’t care less about commercial.

    he has been put on this earth to let it all out.

    he’s here to keep it real.

    and if not entirely real, real gross.

    the show was held at Shepard Fairey’s gallery on Sunset, Subliminal Projects.

    before the show i asked Amber what she wanted to get from the night and she said “inspiration”.

    she asked me what i wanted and i said, i hope Shepard is there.

    not only was he but he was super nice to everyone and provided the soundtrack to our lives.

    i nearly brought this Obama sticker that I wanted him to sign, but i couldnt find it, and anyways the night was about Todd.

    while i was thanking Shepard for hosting the night, he said, “oh man ive been a fan of his for years.”

    earlier Todd said that Shepard was into the skating scene from way back, which i totally forgot.

    Shepard said he first met Todd in the 90s with Tony Gonzalez or Mark Gonzalez, someone, and that guy showed him the Anti Hero Eagle series and Shepard was all

    oh yeah.

    right there.

    a trio of those decks welcomed people into the gallery, which couldn’t be more appropo.

    afterwards amber and i watched exit through the gift shop

    to complete the theme.

  4. Friday, August 4, 2017

    my man todd francis is in the weekly this week 

    he was the illustrator of the Daily Nexus.

    he was so good i made him my assistant arts editor because i wanted his art on the cover of our section every week.

    he always delivered.

    after college when i was transferred up to Frisco i needed a place to live and he had a spare room in his apartment on 22nd and Folsom.

    we had a mice problem. there was a hole in the apartment somewhere. but he had these giant snakes in a fish tank.

    he let them out to roam. they ate all the mice and slithered back into their tanks.

    todd was the first person i met who said its ok to have dinner consisting of nothing but vegetables.

    we even tried it a few times.

    those were the days of AOL. id sit in my room on a 14.4 modem writing poems in the poetry rooms and sexting the girls who i hope were women. it was pretty easy to tell the fakers, but you never know. i probably said something to some dudes without knowing it.

    ah frisco.

    todd and i saw the OJ chase together because he loved hoops even more than i did, especially anthony mason and patrick ewing.

    so as we were watching the game they broke in with the slow Bronco chase and we got to see parts of LA that we missed.

    little did i know that Todd would slowly become one of the biggest names of skateboard design.

    i didnt know how far his fame had reached until i was back home in ILL a year ago and in our crappy mall there was a skate shop and i asked the kid if he knew about Todd and among 100 boards he quickly picked out the 5-6 that he designed.

    he said he drove to the city to get Todds autograph back when he was doing a book signing.

    so many talented friends at the Daily Nexus.

    we were all so lucky to have had each other.

    because if you are the only one with weird ideas, gross pictures, or stupid plots to change the world:

    it’s nice to have a room full of others who, instead of vetoing you, say,

    “you think that’s weird, check this shit out.”

  5. Thursday, February 23, 2017
  6. Tuesday, August 23, 2016

    when Pablo Picasso was 15 he painted a self portrait 

    pablo picasso

    and they were all, damn Pablo Picasso that’s some badass shit
    and he said si because he is Spanish.

    when Pablo was 25 he painted another self portrait that was much different than what everyone else was doing at the time.

    and they were all dammmmmn Pablo, are you ok? where is your control, your contours, your shading your technique?

    and he said, i am in full control, my countours are exactly where they should be, my shading is better than ever

    and my technique will be copied more than anything else ive ever done before.

    and they sent a doctor over

    and pablo picasso said i will shove a paint brush in a place you wont enjoy unless you leave here immediately

    but he said it in French because is sounded so much prettier in that tongue.

    when Pablo was 95 he painted a new self portrait.

    and they said, heres all the money in the world, that is the craziest

    coolest, weirdest, wildest, most amazing portrait

    of Vincent Van Gogh we have ever seen.

    and he died

    with a smile on his face.

    be weird.

    stay weird.

    die weird.

  7. Thursday, December 10, 2015
  8. Thursday, September 10, 2015

    my computer is decorated by tiny images from shepard fairey 

    nothing in here is  true

    i got a discount code from one of those companies that makes laptop covers

    which are really just huge stickers

    that go over the front of your macbook and i didnt know which one i wanted

    and i had this zip file of all of these obey giant images and posters

    and somehow i just lined them all up in photoshop

    and the company accepted it and there you have it.

    the little sticker you see that says On Central is a blog we had at KPCC

    that was all about central avenue in south LA that used to be the Beale Street of this city

    but has changed a great deal over the years.

    one of the reasons i joined KPCC as their blog editor was because they had a blog about downtown

    and one about south central

    two blogs i was trying to launch at the Times but it never happened.

    life is a very bizarre gumbo pot of weirdness.

    be careful, you might burn your tongue.

  9. Monday, August 31, 2015

    a million years ago today Greg Vaine had an art show 

    portrait by greg vaine

    i wanna do something on Medium. why not.

    im thinking about putting old busblog posts on there. because no one else is.

    i feel like i have 90% crud on this blog, which means 10% is halfway decent so why not repackage it like they do in box sets.

    plus millions of people havent even ever heard of this thing so why not let them see it in a different frame.

    so i was thinking about making a blog that is What Happened Today in the Past on the Busblog.

    so i went back in the archives and the first thing i saw was a link to this photo essay of me chris and jeanine going to Greg’s art show where he had painted, among other things, a bunch of portraits of a few of his friends.

    i was (and am) so honored that he chose me to be one of his subjects. i remember sitting for him for hours as he got my afro just right. then he painted.

    i remember that being a really great day. it was so nice to hang with all of our friends. we’ve known each other for so long, it’s nuts. and theyre all so talented.

    im not sure how medium would take it. old stuff? from a not famous dude? and so much of it is dirty lies? would it work? would it translate?

    shouldnt i just trudge on into the future? shouldnt i try to write smart essays like all the other ppl on that thing?

    who knows. no one knows. the web was just a blank canvas that al gore laid out for us and porn got thrown on there and then ebay and now pretty much anything you ever wanted is on there, but mostly cats.

    time to shave my head and start the work week.

  10. Tuesday, July 21, 2015