a look back at 2011, september

sept 1, we have a little earthquake, KTLA shows their twitter feed. apparently Dirty Sanchez is a viewer

sept 4, im still unemployed so karisa and her family get me sloshed near the beach

sept 7, i interviewed for a job at a giant cable network. we agreed to disagree. but it was fun.

sept 8, san diego has a huge blackout. they blame one electrical worker. i call bs

sept 9, we are reminded how far away the GOP has drifted from their bff Ronald Reagan in many regards, including immigration and building a fence on the Mexican border

sept 10, the xbi catches wind that i am considering a trip to canada. and they try to disuade me from going because they know i may be accompanied in part by the leader of the xbi’s daughter.

xbi: tony, seriously you cannot do this. there will be trouble at the border.

tony: we wont have any troubles, any where.

xbi: you’ll have trouble in the South.

tony: we’re not going to the South.

xbi: we know you’re going directly to the South.

tony: then make sure we wont have trouble.

(there ended up being trouble)

sept 11, tenth anniversary of 9/11. these kids make me cry

sept 12, second interview at kpcc. they feed me croissants and apple juice (my faves)

sept 13, andy malcolm, my blogging buddy and one of the main reasons we had huge success at blogs at the LA Times, leaves the paper to blog for someone else.

sept 14, i head to canada. i let two hippies housesit my crib. omg omg awaits

sept 15, hola toronto. hola canadian version of the xbi (the cix). hello snow?

sept 16, for some reason in montreal they insist that you parlez vous

sept 17, im allowed a canadian cix copter so i fly back to TO to have sushi with lowercasecarmen – who is even more delightful than when i first met her in BC

sept 18, the boss’s daughter and i experience trouble at the border. we get a luxury suite in niagra falls, consider getting married, instead spend much of the evening laughing and laughing and laughing.

sept 19, there are funny signs in niagra falls

sept 20, mcdonalds poutine is way better than youd think.

sept 21, the xbi doesnt like that im flying canadian copters, spending much time in niagra falls, or refusing to respond to their esp communiques. whatevs

sept 22, we fly to ottawa and sample kfc poutine which is even better than mcdonalds’

sept 23, food truck poutine aint bad either i discover, but the cix poison me so i have to see a doctor… which is free and a 5 minute wait

sept 24, ottawa is funny. and i see that the USA doesnt always export well.

sept 25, omg ottawa house party – shwarmas and obama cookies, what a day

sept 26, the CIX shows themselves to be polite and well dressed but a tad creepy. so we decide to peace out. the cix then have a party for me.

sept 26, someone sends a limo. dude says where ya wanna go. i say is this free? he says yep. i say, how about quebec. dude says fine. allon-z

sept 27, quebec city turns out to be my favorite everything. the cix put me up at the Lowes, feed me the most delicious foods and booze, its so warm i decide to flash the paparazi. im in love with everything.

sept 28, “one place the xbi wont follow you into is in a church”. and its crazy beautiful.

sept 30, even mall poutine makes me love everything. its super nuts. i fall completely and totally for canada. so the xbi forces me to go home.

a look back at july 2011

july 1, i take a photo “of a man laying in his own liquid waste beneath a giant tree under a breathtakingly beautiful sky. he was either dead or passed out because he wasnt laying on grass or dirt.” he was laying on rocks.

july 1, Top of the Ticket, the blog ive been writing on, does a whopping 3 million pageviews for the month of June, a huge accomplishment, especially for the summer when no one is supposed to care about the web or politics.

july 2, a tribute to my grandfather. a canadian. and a cuban(?)

july 4, pretty girl says shes just not into me, heartbroken, so ali and chris take me to High

july 6, sass flies to america to console me with hello kitty lolipops.

july 8, my mom calls and asks is everything ok? i say i think theres a disturbance in the force.

july 10, hitler is nervous about the upcoming Carmaggeddon

july 12, ate tongue at a peruvian joint

july 13, dudamel at the hollywood bowl: a busblog review

july 14, kiss the hot babe in front of you, before its too late

july 16, danielle and i see dylan at the oc fair and eat deep fried twinkees

july 18, fine i’ll have kids

july 19, pardon me, i thought this whole damn country was supposed to be a free speech area

july 21, nirvana’s nevermind turns 20, so i listen to it all the way through

july 22, lady gaga is pretty amazing on howard stern

july 25, poor amy winehouse

july 26, life is sales, and then you die

july 26, “the older i get the more i realize the less i need”

july 27, hi summer vacation

july 28, dear Los Angeles Times, you rock

july 28, remembering the kareem abdul-jabblog

july 31, the busblog sunday press conference (of love)

a look back at june, june 2011

june 1, Lilian asks: “What are your top 5 Bukowski books”

june 2, i disparage people who take photos with their iPads

june 4, during a Licorice Pizza reunion at the Rhino Records pop up store, a Balancing Act concert broke out – the first in 22 years

june 6, karisa and i go hiking through the lamest part of pacific palisades

june 7, no doubt does a surprise benefit for those affected in Japan, awwwww

june 9, Banksy sponsors free Mondays at MOCA

june 11, my favorite taco place puts in an (illegal) money machine

june 13, aliens invade burbank

june 14, i go to Cube, love it, and declare im a yuppie. a nation mourns.

june 15, this little kid learns how to ride his bike, and gives thumbs up to rock n roll

june 16, a manager of a Florida Starbucks asks me how i do it.

june 17, even though im overperforming at work, the writing is on the wall. i start getting diahreah

june 18, im asked the best question of the year: what would be my all time Houston Astro lineup

june 19, Sass has 99 problems, all boys

june 21, i take a short walk on a long peir

june 22, im asked is it a good idea to listen to yr gut

june 23, should evolution be taught in schools? lets pray on it.

june 25, i eat the most disgusting foul spicy fishy bowl of soup ever, and live to blog about it

june 26, i see the end is near, so i take a picture

june 27, ali and i eat the craziest fish ever at kanpai. a “super” fish

june 28, chris and i see titus androgenous and overkill river and titus won – by alot

june 29, Capt Morgan asked a great question and the world gives great answers

a look back at may 2011

may 1, went to my college reunion. was totally inspired. also was reminded how lucky i was to have gone to ccs at ucsb.

may 1, obama > osama

may 2, tsar gets back together to do an instore appearance in burbank for “Super” in which one of their best tunes was used in the opening credits beautifully.

may 3, these two have known each other ten years now. they old.

may 4, omg facebook LOLs

may 7, “hey tony what does yr bathroom look like?”

may 9, q. “yo tony, plan on writing any more books ever again?” a. hell no. how am i gonna top the others?

may 11, went on a date with a ridiculously beautiful girl who one minute told me she was strangely attracted to me and then the next minute told me to get out of her bed and out of her house immediately because i insulted her by telling her that i never really noticed how beautiful she was because i was attracted to her heart. learned that sometimes you should just tell some girls theyre hot and then shut up.

prince at the troubadour
may 12, saw Prince at the troubadour. sorta hated it. this guy didnt though.

may 12, afterwards saw Le Butcherettes who totally rocked. she also signed my poster.

may 13, odd future danced to “Friday” at the troubadour on friday the 13th

may 14, drank jameson / slept till noon / felt amazing in the morning

may 16, lakers get swept in the playoffs to dallas, went to see Thor, loved it.

may 17, hours from a two week vacation i contemplate what to do what to do what to do

may 21, i figure out where to go and what to do for vacation

may 23, searched for the spirit in several vortexes with chris

may 24, this was outside our window when we woke up. seriously.

may 26, ate at a ufo diner. no big deal.

may 27, did yoga on a triple vortex with a yogi from da bronx and had my mind blown pretty much

may 28, hiked into a secret diving hole

may 31, ended vacation on a secret mountain. also got pulled over by a copper.

a look back at april, 2011

april 1, i hate april fools

april 2, “there are little moments of peace quiet and downright joy sprinkled within the crap cupcake of this month and i wonder if thats the lifesaving portion, the light at the end of the tunnel, the lifejacket of life, or is it just the little breath of fresh air before the beatings continue.”

april 4, “they tore down a dudes house today in los angeles. with him in it. he had shot a police officer. i know nothing in here is true, but i do love la.”

april 6, took my monster truck to Fred 62 while my Lotus was in the shop

april 7, ben and ali drank with me at Dillon’s. we all won.

april 9, we are moved to the 4th floor, this is my new cubicle. yippe.

april 9, i get recognized too late. i should wear identification.

april 10, ali and i have a wild night capped with dubstep at a secret (illegal) warehouse party

april 14, i see Prince’s opening night of his 21-night stand at the Forum. bro plays 40 songs in 3 1/2 hours.

april 17, i find Tupac

april 18, the LA Times wins two pulitzer prizes

april 22, im invited to go to Vegas, i reluctantly go.

april 23, have an amazingly great time in sin city

april 24, like a really really great time there

april 27, im assigned to blog solely on the Top of the Ticket blog, so i take this office, and this view

april 29, Tsar releases the Drugboy Tapes. the world rejoices.

a look back at february 2011

got brains

feb 1, we learn that the LAT blogs did 30 million page views in january – 10x more than we did 3 years ago

feb 1, which may be part of the reason part of Wrigley Field’s roof blew off

feb 4, the Donnas invite me to eat tacos. my life is complete.

super bowl sunday feb 6, after 9 1/2 years on Blogger, the busblog moves to wordpress and gets a redesign

feb 8, matt good welcomes a son to the world

feb 9, ali changes her status on facebook

feb 11, my boss quits to move to london

feb 12, these two feed me fish, get me tipsy, and convince me we should go to vegas

feb 13, hiking i take the best pic ever on my iphone of this house

feb 14, got a $100 lens for the “good” camera

feb 14, ashley and drew are totally bffs now fyi

black keys in vegas
on prez day
so bored in vegas
feb 1821, spent presidents day weekend in vegas, saw the black keys at the cosmopolitan, sorta fun

feb 24, matt welch comes to malo for a lil visit

feb 26, for a short while we thought bad kitty was dead, then he came back

feb 27, headed to san diego to hang out with danielle

feb 27, and there we ran into raspberry sundae, omg

feb 28, i read the best book i’ll read all year, xTx’s “normally special

feb 28, i get a new boss… who ends up changing my life

a look back at 2011: january

by Geoff Boucher
jan 1 – of my five new years resolutions, number one was not to buy a tv – success!

i also had a great idea to watch a movie a day and write a 1 sentence review – fail!

david bowie on snl
jan 2 – finally found a lost SNL david bowie performance that had resurfaced on Netflix

downtown la via an iphone
jan 5, while eating pho with Sarah i admitted the following
“im the only born again christian i know who has every bad religion record.”

not the bathroom
jan 8 – took a picture of the scandalous standard downtown bathroom where DJ Scott Sterling was jamming

jan 9 – a nice collection of my desks at work over the last 10 years

jan 10 – had a nice sushi lunch with jeanine, who i love

jan 11 – my boss told me to start losing weight, and write about it every day in the LA Times health blog. so i did.

it was also Ashley’s 24th birthday, who i miss a lot

jan 12 – i learn that all my favorite foods are bad for me & make me fat

jan 13 – my poops are showing me how much healthier i am

jan 14 – shepard fairey unveils a new print. i obey and buy one.

jan 15 – i start a regular stair climbing thing with the editor of livestrong, a gaucho

jan 16 – bears win the divisional playoff vs the seahawks. its 11 degrees at soldier field

jan 17 – “if Jesus was able to do everything he did and then peace out at such a relatively young age (especially compared to other bible characters, many of whom lived well past 100) then isn’t ‘old age’ exactly what we fear: worthless.”

sonic youth
jan 18 – it was 84 degrees, mlk day, and karisa wanted to go to the beach. thus, photo essay

jan 19 – i buy a scanner.

jan 20 – lindsay notices that im starving, and offers me some vegan pizza

jan 21 – i interview my stomach in the los angeles times and use this photo. women suddenly want to date me. sadly the photo is soon removed.

jan 22 – i see rock bands play in a museum

jan 23 – terry bradshaw thinks the bears can beat the packers at lambeau in the playoffs (terry aint bright).

jan 24 – i realize i subscribe to 25 magazines

jan 25 – ali and i see wanda jackson with jack white. great great show. i write about temptations on the la times.

jan 27 – so not tempted by these cupcakes

ali after monotonix
jan 28 – ali and i see monotonix at the echoplex, notice how her soul was refreshed by the experience. beforehand i got to interview the lead dude and print it in pop & hiss.

jan 29 – the first of many times in 2011 where i consider visiting chile

A look back at 2011: What ever happened to that cute kid and her dad singing?

On the third day of the year we discovered the most adorable daughter and father duo who sang the Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros tune “Home” and helped define awwwwwwww

the video, posted on new years eve, was viewed over 16 million times in 2011 but what happened to jorge and alexa narvaez?

they continued to put out a plethora of videos, mostly about little moments in their lives (going to disneyland, making soup, etc)

but they did have another huge YouTube hit just a few months ago, a cover of the Adele smash “Rolling in the Deep”

over 8 million views on this bad boy.

heres hoping they continue to learn new songs in 2012