nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, February 5, 2013

    a look back at january, 2013 

    1/3 parts of stiff secretly turn 10 years old


    1/4 clippers played the lakers in the battle of los angeles: guess who won

    1/6 saw the craziest thing today

    1/7 LA loses its best tv journalist

    1/8 book of the year comes out and i have it that. day.

    1/9 Rivers Cuomo is doing Japanese songs now with some dude named Scott.

    xbi dentist

    1/9  xbi dentist dont play

    cold kabc reporter

    1/10 it’s 53 degrees, team coverage

    1/11 tsar and nerfherder do side one of 2112 in its entirety as the secret opening band Giddy

    1/14 the dude from shindig dies

    1/13 just another LA car chase

    1/16 karisa and i see if we can tolerate each other sober

    1/18 special agent bobby d goes to china to witness the knockoff mcrib with knock off curly fries

    1/20 obama married himself or something who knows

    1/21 beyonce and kelly clarkson got just as much ink as the president

    1/22 etienne was all whatever, beach fries

    1/23 got sick

    1/24 like many things, the moer you squint the better it is


    1/26 “the difference between men and women”

    1/27 the 70 best AC/DC songs

    1/29 nothing happened

    1/30 i lived tweeted a car chase LIKE I DO WHENEVER POSSIBLE