nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    Blogger Twitter Timehop Jason Joins Obama’s White House 

    goldmana long time ago the busblog was just a humble little tadpole in the giant pond of Blogger.com

    and for some reason several young men and women took mercy on me as i tried to make this thing cool.

    there were like a half dozen jasons, an ev, a biz, a case, a kimmy, they were all so sweet to me, always there for me when this blog broke down or i wanted to try something new.

    one day jason goldman and jason sutter invited me to visit them at Google one day and when i took them up on their offer they gave me a tour, fed me, and goldman opened up the Blogger Closet and stoked me with a hoodie, a shirt and several other things that i still have.

    it was awesome.

    but today something even more awesome happened: goldman became the president of the united states.

    of america.

    check that: vice president.

    correction: super vice president of rock.

    no wait, he is now the White House’s First Chief Digital Officer

    While several of Obama’s former top aides have left Washington for Silicon Valley, Goldman is moving the other direction, taking over the new media and digital outreach that had evolved into one of Pfeiffer’s main projects by the time he left earlier this month. Goldman’s résumé includes Google, Medium, and Twitter, where he worked directly with co-founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone, serving as the first “head of product,” supervising managers, designers, an experts in user research and corporate marketing to develop effective outreach strategies.

    Goldman, who worked on a two-week engagement project for the White House last month, will report directly to chief of staff Denis McDonough.

    “Goldman brings new energy and coveted expertise as someone who’s helped shape the digital age,” Obama said.

    i keep trying to tell everyone: Blogger is a magical thing that helps people in powerful ways.

    it is so nice that those who helped people are continuing to realize great success. Rock on Jason!

  2. Sunday, August 17, 2014

    nothing in here is true, the early years 

    amber entering my car

    its true the xbi likes to interfere with your life. especially if they want you.

    and its ok to want things.

    i dont know if its gen x or what but sometimes you say to yourself i dont want nothin

    monk style low key. maybe you ride the bus

    maybe you blog on blogger.


    she was all, if you could do anything right now what would it be

    i said write a tv series called omg heaven

    about how the angels struggle to inspire divine intervention as they watch earth do its thing

    most of the time God wants to tinker, but the angels say lets just watch.

    and he loves them. so hes all k.

    early in the season you learn that some angels live on Earth

    and to screw with us, some of them, most of them, are named jesus

    or angel

    or amber.

  3. Thursday, November 7, 2013

    today is the day ev became a billionaire 

    me and eveons ago i read an article about ev williams and his new free software for blogging called Blogger.

    it seemed perfect for me so i signed up in july of 2001 and in august the busblog began rolling. i wasnt the only one who used the platform, millions did.

    so many that in feb of 2003 ev sold blogger to google.

    soon he left google to start another thing, Odeo, which was about podcasting or blogging by telephone with a product that posted audio on your blog.

    in a strange but interesting move, not long after Odeo was funded, ev returned the money to his investors, plus interest, in a way that everyone was financially happy about.

    i interviewed him at his SF office about it, but of course i put it on a Yahoo video hosting service that no long exists, and naturally i cant find the original right now cuz im an idiot.

    in that interview he mentioned something about Twitter and later at SXSW he, Biz, and Jason Goldman tried to explain to me what Twitter was. That 2006 interview was also on the Yahoo video hosting site and I no longer have easy access to that either.

    But what I remember is we were all drunk, they were happy because Twitter won all these Webby and Bloggy awards and the service was a huge hit at SXSW. I asked them how they felt Twitter could be used outside of party zones like Austin and they explained it to me: but i didn’t fully understand.

    Like, at all.

    In fact I felt so little use for Twitter that I don’t think i signed up for it until like a year after that drunken night.

    Here we are in 2013 and Twitter’s IPO just went off to a smashing success, opening at 26, closing at 44.90, making all of the founders super rich, and turning Ev into a billionaire. “overnight.”

    i’ve often said that i owe Ev everything. i had a pretty successful website before blogging, but blogging and blogger.com catapulted me into a place i never dreamed id ever be.

    today it looks like Ev was paid back for all the good he helped all of us achieve. And by Ev, of course I mean he and his team.

    God bless the Internet

  4. Sunday, February 16, 2003

    the only guy who had a better day than me yesterday 

    me was a fella named ev who sold his three and a half year old company, Blogger, to Google and got to announce it live from the blogoshpere in a packed crowd of hipsters and nerds in an overflow event on a sidestreet in Chinatown.

    wanna know how cool ev is?

    motherfucker’s sitting three chairs over from me, theres hundreds of people looking at him, but they are slightly distracted by another member of the panel who’s discussing the world of blogging. the attention comes back to Ev and he says, “oh, can someone put my blog on the screen again please, im sorry.”

    fucker had gotten a call on his cellphone, but, being the gentleman didn’t answer it. instead, he checked his email via the wireless network that was in the building, updated his blog live and linked to the silconvalley.com column that broke the story that Google was buying Pyra Labs, the San Fransisco company behind Blogger.

    and then he told us.

    everyone cheered, as Ev was answering what was announced to be the last question of the two hour discussion that included Doc Searls, Heather from the Rabbit blog, Boing Boing’s founder Mark Frauenfelder, the Reverse Cowgirl Susannah Breslin, and yours truly who didn’t say fuck even once.

    that’s the only reason that i can figure that the los angeles times reporter who was assigned to cover the Live from the Blogoshpere story chose to interview me directly after the incredibly wonderful event, instead of talking to the only person in the house who has suddenly become a millionaire and a validated success right before our eyes.

    while wearing a blogger tshirt.

    while looking reportedly so cute that my ex, chris, and my laywer giggled the whole night and snapped picture after picture of him and blushed and covered their mouths with their hands.

    It was the coolest culmination and synchronicity, wirelessness, and instantaneous publishing.

    – evan williams2/16/03 1:28pm

    me and evwhy is that quote on the busblog and not in today’s sunday la times? and why isn’t it on latimes.com?

    la times got to read Dan Gilmore’s scoop before it even went to press! they were in the house! the story was there. the founder of the company was there. lots of other sources were there too. i would imagine that the la times had a camera and were taking pictures of the event, including when the founder made his grand announcement on this, his first trip to Los Angeles.

    “see what happens when you come to LA,” i shouted in the microphone a few seconds after he broke the news to us all.

    if you want to know why Google bought Blogger look no further than this very story.

    Dan Gilmore published his scoop at 7:41pm on his blog, Ev linked to it on his blog at 9:10pm, metafilter published the link to Gilmore’s story at 10:08pm, followed by Ken Layne, and then Azeem Azhar, Rick Bruner, Henry Copeland, Anil Dash, Nick Denton, Jeff Jarvis, Shelley Powers, Mitch Ratcliffe, Emmanuelle Richard, Matt Webb, Slashdot, and even Chinese bloggers.

    Still, because no major news source other than the SJ Mercury (who Gilmore writes for) has published the story, Google’s (beta) News page only ranks it as the number 2 result, even though it’s own data says that the Merc’s story is fresher than the link that is getting the #1 return.

    The value of Blogger to Google is, if Google had a faster access to blogs, it would have seen all the activity (above) pointing to Gilmore’s blog, and to the Merc article, and to Ev’s page and would have basically figured out that it’s news.

    Right now, even though the humans running it know that it’s news, their own computers don’t even know that it is happening.

    So what’s the LA Times’ excuse?

    They were there.

    And so was MC Brown who takes wonderful pictures, except when theyre of me.

    Thanks to Michael August Pusateri who took a great picture of me (above, speaking on the panel) feeling on top of the world, stoked to finally meet so many people who i admire and who’s blogs i read.

    Thanks to everyone who were nice enough to come up and said hi to me, thanks to the nice ladies who invited me to speak with such excellent and smart adults, and thanks for my pals for eating slippery shrimp before and getting drunk with me after.

    It was a night i wont soon forget.

    Doc Searls