nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    watched the Longest Yard last night, but it got cut off at the very end 

    hugsso i laughed.

    which scared the cats, which were laying on me.

    the night before i watched this older Jared Leto movie “Mr. Nobody”, which was weird, but good.

    this is my life without driving Uber.

    not sure i like it. can’t wait to get back out there.

    work has been busy, recapping what went down, setting up new things for the new year.

    xbi has been annoying. new neighbors have been loud.

    yesterday my buddy chris and i had a margarita at lunch. how did Don Draper do it?

    i guess he napped a lot on his couch.

    soon as i got home yesterday i took a nap bc of that silly margarita.

    realized i have good cats. they dont wake me or try to sleep on my head.

    when im asleep they sleep too. when im watching tv they sleep. when im reading they sleep.

    only time they bother me is when im eating, which i do a lot more at home cuz i dont wanna do it in my car.

    because my car is spotless.

    and will soon be earning me some income.

    so soon.

    i wanna see Chappie in iMax friday and it better not suck.

  2. Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  3. Tuesday, January 20, 2015

    a comment from a long time reader 

    i heart LA


    You need to get out of LA pronto. You don’t need the Hollywood Hills house in your rear view mirror all day. The constant visibility of all the things you don’t have is clouding your mind as to all that you do have.

    Ok you just got another job after being down and out for a while, all your friends are there and (insert your favorite rationalization to stay here). Whatever. I ain’t saying never come back.
    I been reading your blog a long time. You need a break my man.

    A radical break.


    fine. but where?

  4. Thursday, November 20, 2014

    mike nichols died today 


    he made some pretty damn good movies.

    id watch some if i wasnt so busy.

    last night we celebrated ali’s birthday at kanpai

    the night before i attended the 20th anniversary screening of The Shawshank Redemption and took pictures of morgan freeman and tim robbins and mel brooks and carl reiner among others

    ive been falling asleep on the couch watching tv and holding the kittens.

    their sleeping behavior is contagious.

    which is probably why we dont let them ride in cars with us.

  5. Friday, October 3, 2014

    do i have any faults? omg ha! 

    taylor swift

    actually i do.

    im terrible on the telephone.

    and im doubly terrible being a shoulder to cry on.

    why? because most of my advice is take a nap and when you wake up take a shower.


    just come over and take a nap with me.

    or. worst of all:

    use this as fuel to write a kickass blog post on your secret blog, the one i dont even know about.

    why is this bad advice? because usually people dont want advice, they just want me to listen.

    and im the worst listener of all.

  6. Monday, July 7, 2014
  7. Thursday, June 19, 2014

    dear tony, you are amazing and dashing and know everything about blogging 

    creative-clever-tattoos-23-277x400 i am a beautiful young lady living in the hollywood Hills having an blessed life and i want to be a fashion blogger

    for like real.

    ive spent money on a new website, a new car, and a laptop.

    now what?

    how do i make this happen?

    yours in rock,


    dear debra,

    im so glad you wrote me, i dont know how you got my phone number, but this is a legitimate question so i will answer this seriously.

    for starters, what you want is extremely difficult.

    the market is saturated. pintrest for godsake has made it worse.

    theres youtube ppl, instagram, and then all the other people who have been doing it forever.

    thats the bad news, the good news is the market is finicky and disloyal.

    everyone wants something new. the new thing. the new scene.


    you have a lot of things going for you, so maybe you can be that new scene the clickers want so badly.

    as you figure that out, you should probably take a look at canada, where all the answers usually lay.

    put on your winter coat, a Grates shirt, a warm Cubs hat and a scarf

    and buy a party ball for keri cdn because she is living the dream


    keri gets a new car every week, drives it around, writes about it for the paper and her blog

    and for fun writes about digital security and how you can best protect yourself from bad ppl.

    she also catches and releases grizzly bears. bare handed.

    be amazed at keriblog.com

    keri used to live in the same skyscraper as casie in toronto or was it the other way around


    no matter, casie is never home. shes constantly partying exploring or jumping off buildings.

    last weekend chevy gave her a convertible camaro. in white.

    last time she was in southern california her day was packed shopping

    going to disneyland, and then singing on stage at the hollywood bowl with that lady from wicked

    kristin cheneworth or whoever you spell it.

    anyways bloggers get whatever they want. even in canada.

    casie just wants things and they come to her.

    one day she said i want the most awesome sweatshirt ever and pow


    miss 604 and keira-anne wanted vancouver and vancouver island, respectively

    and not only did they get it but canada asked them to design the olympics when it was up there

    but they were busy blogging.

    keira recently got hitched and has been on an extended honeymoon from blogging

    but she’s been doing it so long i cant imagine she’ll be gone for much longer

    meanwhile Miss 604 has had something very special going on over there for a solid decade now.

    beautiful choice of photos, solid writing, and actually all the things a person would want to do up there.

    one of the lessons that i learned from these ladies is: go do stuff and you’ll get invited to do more.

    keep writing, keep taking pictures, keep posting it and making it look good.

    learn from all the other bloggers out there. who is doing something right. how can you beat it.

    maybe you can just outlast them.

    the good and bad thing about the blogosphere is it’s full of quitters.

    let em quit.

    find that thing about you thats different than everyone else and milk it.

    as many times in a row as you can, online, every day.

    me, if i had to do it. id not only have my own blog,

    but id see if i could write once a week

    on LAist.

    the secret path to everything good in LA.

  8. Monday, June 2, 2014

    the world famous busblog had its 10,000th post the other day 

    cat on a box

    so the stray cats chipped in to buy me a gift.

    and surprise surprise it was 15 pounds of kibble.

    such smart asses.

    but seriously, thanks for all the support you’ve all given me over all of these years.

    it has been a blessing to have stumbled into blogging way back in august of 2001.

    many of the good times that i have had since then have occurred either directly or indirectly because of this blog.

    and for all of that i am extremely grateful.

    life is a giant curveball. you have to trust that it’s not going to knock you on your butt.

    instead, hang in there and swing hard when you get your chance.

    lets see if we can hit 10k new posts in a quicker time.

    and this time, lets see if they can be even better quality

    with even more magic.

  9. Wednesday, May 28, 2014

    ive missed the haters 


    I’m living in that 21st Century, doing something weird to it
    Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it
    Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it
    I guess every superhero need his theme music

    i admit it.

    they’re so scared to put their full names on things, it’s cute.

    they believe the xbi is real and the people’s blogs that they write their nonsense will track them down and… i dont know, write ridiculous things on their amazing site?

    there was a time when the web was different. when the blogosphere ruled like the dinosaurs did.

    but then there was a meteor and the ice age and most people abandoned their blogs for social media.

    strangers don’t write silly things on other people’s facebook walls. maybe in tweets, but jackasses have so few twitter followers it wouldn’t be seen.

    ive missed the haters, they remind me im better than some.

    thats a priceless commodity that some pay hookers for.

    when you blog correctly it comes free.

  10. Saturday, December 28, 2013

    find myths, then break them 


    one of the reasons i am often misunderstood is im no good at powerpoint

    nor do i care to be.

    to me there is only the scoreboard and peoples smiles.

    if somehow you are able to win on the scoreboard


    everyone is smiling, from the heart, during the process

    then you shouldn’t have to be any good at powerpoint.

    many moons ago when i sold electronics on commission the bad salesmen

    had all these reasons why certain days or months were “slow”

    implying that magic has a season and success is a hot streak.

    online i met people who honestly believed there was a good time and a bad time

    to put things on the internet

    as if we arent constantly curious to find delightfully interesting things.

    give the people good stuff as soon as you can

    and they will smile back at you.