nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, December 28, 2013

    find myths, then break them 


    one of the reasons i am often misunderstood is im no good at powerpoint

    nor do i care to be.

    to me there is only the scoreboard and peoples smiles.

    if somehow you are able to win on the scoreboard


    everyone is smiling, from the heart, during the process

    then you shouldn’t have to be any good at powerpoint.

    many moons ago when i sold electronics on commission the bad salesmen

    had all these reasons why certain days or months were “slow”

    implying that magic has a season and success is a hot streak.

    online i met people who honestly believed there was a good time and a bad time

    to put things on the internet

    as if we arent constantly curious to find delightfully interesting things.

    give the people good stuff as soon as you can

    and they will smile back at you.

  2. Monday, December 23, 2013
  3. Saturday, December 21, 2013

    the end of blogging? 


    on thursday legendary blogger jason kotte declared that blogging died this year


    i think it’s more accurate to say the fad of blogging is dead.

    as jason noted there are still lots and lots of blogs out there and many are really good.

    but simply because it’s no longer the trendy thing doesnt mean it’s dead.

    id argue that now is the time of the real blogging. people nowadays have lots of avenues in which to speak their minds.

    and some can do it in 140 characters.

    or less

    busblog doing its thing

    now that the money aspect is pretty much gone.

    and the struggle to gain and maintain an audience is tougher than ever.

    i argue that if anyone is blogging regularly now, it’s because they mean it.


    there was a time when 22 million people watched super cool fonzie on happy days each week.

    nowadays the cool belongs to don draper on mad men, whose top numbers peak at 2.7 million viewers.

    but no one is saying television is dead.


    if anything they’re saying we’re in the middle of the rebirth of television

    while praising the surplus of really great shows,

    and very entertaining trashy ones.


    why isn’t blogging looked at in the same light.

    who broke the biggest stories in sports this year? deadspin, a blog.

    who broke the biggest stories in news this year? glenn greenwald, one of the best bloggers ever.

    sure he didn’t break the snowden story on a blog, but when you watch him defend himself  on twitter

    you are reminded how good he was running his salon blog up until august of last year.


    speaking of last year, who completely made a fool out of karl rove by mocking him

    as he correctly predicted president obamas reelection as if he had flown into the future and zoomed back

    to accurately call the results in every state in the united states. as if it aint no thing.

    nate silver

    how is blogging dead if at the highest level it has had two of its best years ever?

    it’s a bad thing that lots of lazy would-be bloggers have migrated to pintrest

    twitter or facebook where it’s easier and quicker to share a quickie little idea

    or snapshot of dinner?


    if anything id say that group’s defection has only made the blogosphere leaner and more interesting.

    powerhouses buzzfeed and upworthy might not be traditional blogs, granted

    but they owe a lot of their success to blogging, which they are more similar to than anything else.


    so is it bad that blogging has spun off some of the most successful websites of the last few years?

    of course not


    if anything it proves that blogging still has a lot more to contribute to digital media

    it’s just doing it so fast, and usually so much better than the traditional outlets that cover it

    that it feels like theres no more buzz around it.

    that peace doesn’t mean it’s dead,

    it means we’re in the eye of the hurricane.

  4. Friday, December 20, 2013

    today is kristin pony’s birthday, shes 24 


    if i was president obama theres a few people who id force to blog.

    todays birthday girl is on that list.

    others include: splink

    jennifer lawrence

    courtney love

    vp biden

    hologram tupac

    bob dylan

    and the entire supreme court

    of course theyd probably assassinate me

    but when i got to the pearly gates id get a high five from st. peter for trying.

  5. Thursday, November 7, 2013

    today is the day ev became a billionaire 

    me and eveons ago i read an article about ev williams and his new free software for blogging called Blogger.

    it seemed perfect for me so i signed up in july of 2001 and in august the busblog began rolling. i wasnt the only one who used the platform, millions did.

    so many that in feb of 2003 ev sold blogger to google.

    soon he left google to start another thing, Odeo, which was about podcasting or blogging by telephone with a product that posted audio on your blog.

    in a strange but interesting move, not long after Odeo was funded, ev returned the money to his investors, plus interest, in a way that everyone was financially happy about.

    i interviewed him at his SF office about it, but of course i put it on a Yahoo video hosting service that no long exists, and naturally i cant find the original right now cuz im an idiot.

    in that interview he mentioned something about Twitter and later at SXSW he, Biz, and Jason Goldman tried to explain to me what Twitter was. That 2006 interview was also on the Yahoo video hosting site and I no longer have easy access to that either.

    But what I remember is we were all drunk, they were happy because Twitter won all these Webby and Bloggy awards and the service was a huge hit at SXSW. I asked them how they felt Twitter could be used outside of party zones like Austin and they explained it to me: but i didn’t fully understand.

    Like, at all.

    In fact I felt so little use for Twitter that I don’t think i signed up for it until like a year after that drunken night.

    Here we are in 2013 and Twitter’s IPO just went off to a smashing success, opening at 26, closing at 44.90, making all of the founders super rich, and turning Ev into a billionaire. “overnight.”

    i’ve often said that i owe Ev everything. i had a pretty successful website before blogging, but blogging and blogger.com catapulted me into a place i never dreamed id ever be.

    today it looks like Ev was paid back for all the good he helped all of us achieve. And by Ev, of course I mean he and his team.

    God bless the Internet

  6. Tuesday, October 29, 2013

    today’s the internet’s birthday, it’s 44 

    my room on haight street

    this was my room at 591 Haight Street in San Francisco in 1995.

    that white Mac in the center was the first device that ever gave me “high speed” Internet accessibility.

    we paid lots of money to have an ISDN line which allowed us not only to be on the web at a blazing fast 28.8 mbs

    but we could also receive a phone call simultaneously. which was a big deal when you shared a house with 5 other dudes.

    the ISDN hardly worked. which was ok because the web in 1995 was so tiny and insignificant that even Wired didn’t wanna put their full name on their website, instead they made Hot Wired to distance themselves from whatever the hell the WWW was in its infancy.

    internet machinelittle did we know that the Internet had already been around nearly 30 years (thanks to the help of UCSB). albeit way more boring. but dudes were exchanging files so technically the web was on.

    as “journalists” all of us in our Haight House marveled over the fact that we could be instant publishers. in color. for free. with a potentially unlimited audience.

    before the web the closest one could get was either a Zine or an English Newspaper in Prague. but the downfall was, if everyone bought up all of the copies of that issue, that was it. the end.

    but online: if you had the proper servers, you could reach millions of readers overnight, and barely notice.

    that excited me. unlimited success. unparalleled opportunities for creativity. the blankest canvas ever with free admission to anyone with a connection.

    and back then, back when the wild west was truly wild, and you had very little competition, and if you had been somewhat trained in the art of written communication: it was probably the same feeling chuck berry felt when someone handed him an electric guitar.

    or the same feeling eddie van halen got when he stepped on his first pedal.

    before the Internet, loneliness was a concept i could occasionally relate to.

    nowadays the amount of 24/7 love and attention and options and opportunities to connect and learn overfloweth.

    not bad, Internet.

    can’t wait to see what the next 44 years will be like.

  7. Sunday, September 22, 2013

    dear prospective employers 

    tommy and paul

    this blog is a work of fiction. nothing in here is true.

    interns write the bad stuff, aliens from outer space write the good stuff.

    me i moderate the comments.

    this blog, the busblog, has been around since the month before 9/11.

    it has changed and morphed and devolved and dissolved into whatever it is that it is now.

    ive never had a boss say that busblog you better take it down for your own good and the good of this company

    in fact ive only had one boss who admitted to even reading it regularly and only at the beginning did he say take it easy on the amazingness, how about giving us some of that instead.

    in many ways this is an open sketch book, a semi journal of fictional dreams

    i really dont fly a black helicopter

    i really dont have amazing text conversations.

    no babes really <3 me

    im just a boring old bald man sitting in a tree


    ps i also like miley cyrus covers by dudes on acoustic guitar who make funny faces

  8. Saturday, September 21, 2013
  9. Saturday, August 31, 2013

    how to newspaper blog in this new era of news 

    parks and rec

    there are some institutions who still believe that to newspaper blog means to assign reporters to newspaper stories

    and then have someone else publish their newspaper stories into a blog once it goes through the copy editors.

    they also believe that in order to “feed the blog” they need to hire people other than their actual reporters to “blog” on the “blog”.

    unfortunately this is 2013, almost 2014 and that is like hiring someone else to kiss your wife.


    if you are lucky enough to have hundreds of reporters, aka writers, on your payroll, one way to STAY ALIVE online

    is to OMG have all of those writers OMG write OMG everyday.

    i’m not talking 30-inch masterpieces, im suggesting 3-4 paragraph blurbs. about things they know about, but will never newspaper about

    things they experienced, like, oh i dont know, when a Laker/Clipper Kardasian caused a three-car accident and they were one of the cars.

    i heart you more

    or how about the record they heard or the movie they saw or the funny quote the mayor said to them in an elevator…



    sure there are some reporters who will resist this or flinch. “i’m working on an actual piece of journalism, boss”, they’ll say.

    “im too busy for the !#@$ing blog,” they’ll argue.

    and i’ll ask you, are you too busy to find a journalist who in 2013 understands that in order to compete with the web and tv

    and radio and Gawker and Reddit and instagram and twitter and Deadspin and the pulitzer prize winning Huffington Post,

    you must write every damn day?

    are you too busy to either hire ambitious journalists who actually enjoy writing or manage the ones that you already have

    and lead them out of the 20th century and into this brave new world where you bravely tell your reporters

    that its time for them to write three graphs before noon, every day?

    or are you not ready to enter the modern age either?

    at some point something is going to give.  and sooner is happening a lot more nowadays than later.

    my crazy math says the building with 200 writers blogging at least once every day, is a good bet to beat the tar out of

    the website with 5 kids blogging 8 times a day.

    especially since the building of hundreds has better writers, actual sources, and an infrastructure of radness


    but what the f do i know? i still subscribe to print, so maybe im sending the message that thats all i want.

    therefore heres my message: OMG that is not all i want.

    because i know that that will only lead to the certain death of my local paper.

    who strangely is acting like it’s everybody else’s job than theirs to prevent that tragic fate.

    the saving grace is this is ironically something

    you can write your way out of.

    how much do you love the thing you swear you love

    and when will you do what you know it takes to rock

  10. Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    today i am a freelance journalist, xtx 


    its hard to believe that two of the oldest and sexiest LA bloggers are unemployed this summer

    but xTx and i are making do with this perfect weather and more time to spend with our families.

    in a perfect world that Amazon CEO who bought the Washington Post would buy the LA Times, Chicago Trib

    and hire me to corral 100 news and not-news blogs and put together a

    content strategy

    for his ipad killer, the amazon kindle, so people would have a wide and varied collection of

    interesting words pictures and videos right there on their tablet.

    and heart.

    thats why you buy the Post with 1% of your net worth, right, so it can provide news to your customers

    all around the globe, via your (relatively) inexpensive handheld device. right?

    well why stop at just one east coast paper, why not get a midwestern and a westwestern paper

    and then a blog meister to fill in the gaps.

    in the meantime im freelancing when and where i can. today it was for cnbc.

    they asked me to put together a slide show and interview companies about their logos.

    so i politely agreed and whoop there it is