nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, June 17, 2017

    you can say anything you want to about me 

    you can say my clothes are terrible

    or i ended up fat

    but one thing you cant say is you couldnt get hold of me.

    where is this world where people melt into when you send out an email or text

    and they don’t get back for 5-6 hours?

    where do those people go?

    me, i have my phone on me at all times, you know, like a normal person.

    if im in a movie, fine, out of commish for 2 hours. but 4?

    and during the week i get even more baffled.

    during work hours shouldnt you be available within minutes? whats up with being out of pocket for half the day?

    this last two days people have contacted me via email, text, facebook messenger, LinkedIn chat, Slack, Snapchat message, Instagram message and even the good old phone.

    pretty girl this morning even rolled over and whispered something in my ear.

    we live in the age of communication and i wonder about the ones who peace out for so long.

    i wonder if

    they can

    take me

    with them.

  2. Wednesday, December 21, 2016

    pretty girl was all, whats with all the pretty girls on your insta 

    i was like, i have a lot of pretty girls on there?

    she was all, yeah, showing off their bellies and theyre young.

    i said, you mean on my blog?

    she said no, on your instagram, someone else mentioned it too.

    i was like, i honestly have no idea what youre talking about. but after i pee we can delve into this deeper. and i peed and came back and we scrolled through

    and there was this young lady or that, but not a lot, hardly any actually. which i dont know disappointed her or impressed her that i was not a perv.

    i guess im not a perv i joked.

    she laughed. for me, for writing. for living. for learning, women are inspirational. educational. always changing never boring. and like in this instance, always there to question your motives.

    i have no motives. my only motive is to stay productive and creative and some people get their spark from coffee or sadness or morning becomes eclectic or the economist. for me, on my blog, where there are girls showing their bellies, i have a very simple process that i have been using since day one of the busblog:

    i click around on my Feedly or on Reddit or on Twitter and i look for a picture. sometimes i write about the picture, sometimes it’s just the shapes, sometimes it’s how the snake looks, sometimes its how the chin is rendered or the hair and if its interesting it goes in

    and then i can go and tell the little story, which hopefully is better than the picture,

    but if its not

    at least youve got the picture to think about.

    but do i think about what other people think about the world famous blahblog?

    never ever.

    and never will.

  3. Tuesday, July 26, 2016

    tony, how do you feel about ppl who delete tweets and blogs? 

    smoke monster

    i have known people who were chronic Deleters.

    while on one hand it’s perfectly fine to change one’s mind, on the other hand its a foolish attempt at control.

    you don’t control anything when you delete things on the web. it’s a web, what you put out there sticks. people screenshot it, people cache it. the web caches it.

    but most importantly people remember.

    and deleting things helps them remember because it brings more attention to it.

    i loved a girl a while ago who started blogs, twitter accounts, facebooks, and would regularly delete them. turned out she was bipolar and refused to treat her condition.

    it also turned out she was not being totally honest with the people in her life and her digital footprint often outted her for being less than truthful with some who trusted her.

    from that experience i concluded several things, top of which was people who chronically delete things should probably seek professional help because their vain attempt at control is a symptom of something much deeper rooted in mental health.

    the good news is these things can be treated.

    the bad news is the catch 22: most people with mental health issues don’t realize the depths of their own illness and will fight against the very treatment they would benefit from.

    so the best we can do is pray for them and constantly nudge them in the right direction.

    sometimes it does truly take a village. so if you care about the village, do your part and nudge your loved ones.

  4. Saturday, July 23, 2016

    keira interviews raymi the minx 

    tony pierce and raymi the minx

    is there any debate that the queen of canadian blogging is, has been

    and probably will forever be Raymi the Minx?

    as you know i am a gigantic fan of canadian blogs, canadian blogging

    so i say that with all much due respect to all the others up there

    shining a light on the great white north.

    but raymi has seriously put it out there.

    and whats fascinating, she hasnt even put it all out there.

    love her or hate her raymi has led by example for the last 16 years

    which has arguably been the best 16 years of blogging.

    today east coast west coast united in love as

    bc’s keira-anne interviews to’s raymi for 20 questions

  5. Wednesday, July 20, 2016

    dear tony, no offense but 

    pikachuLana asks, “No offense but, does it make you feel good your blog about nothing gets you jobs and dates and not REAL merit? Just popularity?”

    Firstly my blog is about Everything: sex, drugs, rock, religion, politics, Hollywood, Uber, Lyft, movies, Isla Vista, journalism, blogging, writing, the secretive xbi, doubting, art, magic, and love. You should read it.

    Now, does it make me feel good that it has gotten me jobs? I can’t believe it did get me jobs.

    Not just any jobs but amazing jobs. Jobs I never thought I’d ever get. Jobs so magical a few don’t even exist any more. Low paying jobs, high paying jobs, middle paying jobs.

    All because I clack clack clacked on a keyboard, added an image and hit Publish 15 years ago.

    It makes me feel good because this blog got attention not because i was some long legged long haired curvy young lady with an LA face and an Oakland booty, but because the words i typed connected with people in a special way – which is quite an achievement in this cluttered space called the web.

    No one reached down from Above and said, listen everyone you MUST read the busblog (actually many did) (which also made me feel all warm and loved inside) but most of those people were not hugely influential massive bloggers.

    Some were, which was lovely, but what I am saying is CNN didn’t put me on their homepage week after week with a direct link here and a headline that said OMG TONY YES!

    The so-called popularity that you seem to have an issue with was entirely organic, natural, and beautiful. Which is probably why it sustained for so long.

    Did it make me feel good that lovely ladies from around the world wanted to go on “dates” with me because of the things I wrote?

    No. I wanted them to want me for my body, not my mind.

    Which brings us to “REAL merit”.

    There are only three people who matter to me, merit-wise, in regards to my blogging here on the busblog.

    1. My dear mother
    2. Jesus
    3. All the ladies out there who secretly want me

    If I can warm the hearts of all three of these very important people in my life then that is Real merit to me.

    And let me tell you, trying to hit the center of that Venn diagram is not as easy as it looks. My mom doesn’t like swear words, even though I study the bible regularly I’m still unsure what Jesus would find wonderful in this blog, and I am even more clueless about the third group. So I just try to keep it real and come from a place of Goodness and see what happens.

    With that said we are here to rock. Every car has a gas pedal and a brake. My old sink has a hot And a cold faucet. And as a red blooded American single man I have a ying AND a very much alert yang.

    All of my favorite writers (Bukowski, Twain, Moses, etc) kept it real.

    I feel the most satisfied inside immediately after I have finished a blog post where I feel like I have kept it really real and the words sang in a way. To me that is real merit.

    But then there’s the bigger picture. The less selfish one: how did what I write or say help others?

    If my blogging (or Blog Editing) helped people express themselves or get jobs or dates or whatever they were looking for, then that gives me even more satisfaction. That might be harder for you, an outsider, to see, but when I ran the great LA blog, LAist, or the dozens of blogs at the LA Times, I was able to be with people in a way that hopefully was beneficial to them. And that interaction was rooted, weirdly, in my personal experiences of writing the world famous.

    So to answer your question, does it make me feel good that blah blah blah not real merit just popularity?

    The only time I feel really good is when someone surprises me with a nude on snapchat, when my momma tells me she liked what I wrote, when the Cubs win the World Series, when my bosses tell me fucking a great job tony, or when the girl in my bedroom says “i just Postmated some Poutine, whatever will we do for twenty minutes?”

    the rest of the time i’m a bawling mess alone in my messy room desperately searching for the approval from others.

    my snapchat is Tsarfan 

  6. Monday, July 11, 2016

    if i went to a shrink this is how it’d go 

    tony whats your biggest problem

    its probably my blog

    whats wrong with the busblog?

    the problem is when i get ready to write something i always have the best intentions. i want to write something arty and weird and deep and beautiful and so sexy that women from all around the world email me and say omg tony heres me in various outfits and poses, please, lets hang out in LA at your earliest convenience. but what happens is what i write ends up being predictable and bland and not sexy and not arty and certainly not weird. its never about cool topics it’s never written with any semblance of mystery. it’s just out there. boom.

    and how does this make you feel?

    its like if youre about to make love to someone special, you dont just unzip your fly and clap your hands twice to turn off the lights… you get the candles going, youve got a mixtape rolling, there may even be incense. the sheets are clean, the cats have been drugged and are snoring in a closet, youve showered. trimmed your nails.

    im very confused. what does this have to do with your blog journal?

    when i write it theres two steps: abject procrastination followed by an unrehearsed vomit session of ideas. theres no follow up, no editing, no fact checking, no spell checking. most of the time i wont even read it afterwards out of pure disgust. my mom will say something like, great writing today! and i will have to go and see what the heck shes talking about. its the opposite of professional or passionate or arty. it’s foul. the process is wrong. the results are all luck. sometimes good sometimes bad. but never what is intended. ever.

    and how does that make you feel?

    i reminds me of something Ric Ocasek said a long time ago.

    is he a baseball player?

    no he is that tall lanky pale singer songwriter of The Cars

    oh he married a model.

    yes. and produced Bad Brains and Weezer’s first record and anyways he said he loves all this dark, trippy weird shit but when he gets on the guitar or at the piano all that comes out is this super poppy 80s music and the only way he can give it any edge is to just slow it down like by a million.

    have you tried that?

    i just told you, theres nothing to try, i kneel down at the bowl and hurl.

    oh. right. got it. that’ll be a hundred bucks please.

  7. Saturday, July 2, 2016

    chuck klosterman was on tv, talking about creativity 


    he said in order to induce creativity he gets himself bored.

    he said our problems is that are instantly entertained within seconds thanks to the internet.

    he said the best ways, though, to get your mind going is to

    go on a long boring walk

    with no music in your ears

    and no phone in your hand.

    what will happen is you might write a little song, you might think of a good topic for a book

    you might think of all the things you shoulda said to that one babe

    right before she cut off the light

    and i thought maybe thats why i think of so many good things in the shower

    its the one time when theres not a phone in front of me.

  8. Thursday, June 23, 2016

    tony what would you do if you could do anything? 

    nikki minajyou mean like if i won the lottery? because if i won the lottery id buy mom mom a house with a giant garden

    in the garden would be incredible bubbling ponds and tiny volcanoes.

    the volcanoes would errupt right before winter so the soil would be the richest it could be right before the snow

    all around the garden would be peach trees and pecan trees and banana trees.

    no tony what would you do if you could do anything, not buy anything.

    i would be a fantastic photographer. but not one with a lot of equipment.

    i would want to be known as the guy who has like three lenses and one camera, who never uses flash

    but best of all, who never uses photoshop.

    maybe my assistants behind my back touch things up but im off to the next thing.

    i would go to school for it if i ever had any free time.

    dont you know great photographers?

    yes but i would never ask them.

    but arent some of your friends great photographers?

    yes but i would want to be – didnt you hear me – i would want to be the greatest photographer ever. which would mean that i would be better than they are. i dont wanna learn from them and then beat them. thats rude.

    is that what happened with writing? did you learn from your friends and then beat them?

    no. some of my friends are better writers than me.

    but theyre not better bloggers.

    ahahaha true. but only because they all grew up and got married and had kids and junk.

    its basically impossible to be a good parent and an everyday blogger. you gotta pick one.

    and for some reason the future of america is more important than the http

  9. Tuesday, June 21, 2016
  10. Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    xtx has inspired me 

    xbi 33

    i havent written a book in a very long time and now is as good as any time to do long hard things

    hers have been good and theyve been different and theyve been steady

    as has mr steve coulter‘s of rock band tsar

    my problem is all i ever want to do is write about the xbi

    and even though i dont do it in here

    and even if im hinting at them i am basically joking

    thats all i want to write about.

    its 243am i fucked up and took a nap in the middle of the day

    then drank a coke to wake up

    i decided this month is going to be a bukowski full month

    im gonna read as much bukowski as possible because i really havent read him since college

    and i have all these books of his

    today will be the city lights publication of the most beautiful woman in town

    and other stories.

    for some reason i have two copies of it