did i teach myself video editing?

one of the things i did when i was sad that i may have killed my beautiful cat

was i got an early edition of the Brothers Steve album

i talked with the boys about the songs

and then i saw this little girl on Reddit dancing next to a bouncy house

and i said, bye jove that’s it!

while finding other videos to go with her

including one second of Andrew WK playing piano

i accidentally found a clip of a one legged Black man who inspired

the notorious LA gang The Crips

to build their Crip Walk around.

it was also nice to put the video of Mick and McCartney in there

because i dont think my mom has seen it.

my favorite part is Andrew WK

but my second favorite part is at the very beginning of the vid i had to teach myself how to make something spin

i found an alternative version of their album cover and placed it over a video of a record playing

then i animated the album cover to spin atop the record

but because that was my first time ever animating anything, it was going counter clockwise

but its hilarious so i kept it

it’ll be interesting to see how this day turns out

i have a life changing document i need to submit either today or tomorrow

id like to do it today because tomorrows ambers only day off for the week

and we are scheduled to hang out with my sister and her kids

it’s 244pm and i really should reread all 10 pages, cut it down 30% and shock the world.

then i need to mail an ebay sale i made.

youd think those two things could be done before 420 but i am sooooo bad at mailing things it’s nuts

and as for the life changing document, ive been procrastinating it this long

because i was waiting on something else to happen but who knows if that will ever happen

who knows about anything

which is why you really should take life into your own hands

be the captain of yr own destiny

and just do the things you wanna do

thats what my friends convinced me to do saturday night at 333am after the brothers steve show

and because my friends are the greatest, i think i may follow their advice