nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    Romero’s Rotisserie Chicken n Donuts 


    Hello and welcome to the first installment The Quest For the Best Damn Chicken in LA

    Today I went to Romero’s Rotisserie Chicken n Donuts.
    it’s at 611 N Virgil Ave in “Silver Lake”
    but it’s really Wilshire Center right near the 101 next to Royal Laundramat.


    Look for the super bright yellow building with the picture of a chicken holding a pink donut


    They’ve got a wood-fired chicken thing going on. Mesquite. You can see the wood by the laundramat.


    And because we live in America, theres donuts, pastries, croisants and danishes sitting right there for ya.


    Romero’s supports Hollywood High, which is nice but weird, since there’s about 5 schools closer to them

    Including the super freaky looking Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in the middle of the road


    they have two tvs including a big screen in the back. they serve Coke and Pepsi. (nearby KFC only serves pepsi.)


    on Tuesdays tacos are just a buck so you could literally pay in change.


    you can sit out front where the action is or in the back and watch the aforementioned big screen.


    i had the half chicken, spanish rice and potato salad.

    the salsa was mild and flavorful and the chicken was moist

    but the skin was the best. tasty, almost crispy somehow.

    the potato salad was also very good. the dude said it was his wifes recipe.

    isnt that what you want, people

    it’s what i want.

    very happy to start the ball rolling with Romero’s Rotisserie Chicken n Donuts

    i did not eat a donut because im watching my weight

  2. Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    people do some dumbass things in the name of love 

    fly like a beagle

    and in the name of god or country or work.

    they do things that they know aren’t nice or right or visionary or kosher.

    but they do em anyway and they try to get it out of their head and they go to bed.

    and in the morning is a new day.

    and hopefully they do something good that day.

    i love chicken. some may say eating meat is murder and they actually do have a point.

    but i am a black man. and next to my momma and grape soda, i love chicken the most.

    i also find myself currently with a lot of time on my hands while living dead center in the middle of one of the coolest cities in the whole wide world: if not the coolest.

    especially for chicken.

    for, you see, we have black folk, mexican folk, asian folk, armenian folk, and white folk all making delicious chicken dishes every day in this crazy metropolis

    for sale.

    in order to honor the chickens who gave their lives for our nourishment, im thinking i should probably go to a different joint about 3-4 times each week to eat, document, and ultimately rate the establishments so as to determine

    the best chicken in all of LA

    and i might have to start it today.

    if you know of any places i shouldn’t miss feel free to tell me somehow.

  3. Friday, August 3, 2012

    winner winner chicken dinner 

    chick fell-a

    do i agree with ceo’s of companies speaking their minds: sure.

    do i agree with people having a problem with gay marriages? let freedom ring.

    do i think its ok for people to flood chicken restaurants to agree with ceos? sure

    do i think its ok for people to make out in front of chicken restaurants to protest? duh.

    will i make out with my fellow man in front of a chicken restaurant out of solidarity? hmmmm

    will i eat chicken today somewhere? oh hell yeah.

    am i happy that today is friday. omg omg omg.

    do i love each and every one of you so much that i would eat chicken with you tonight?