nothing in here is true

  1. Monday, December 25, 2017

    today is Christmas 

    and all around the world little kids are setting up video games and trains and drones and

    saving for college and learning how to play guitar, just like in olden times.

    amber asks for things, and i usually say no.

    she wanted a tree, she wanted stockings over the fireplace, she wanted the fireplace to have fire

    no, no, no.

    then she said lets go to midnight mass.

    being raised catholic but then reading the bible i was all, hey the Church basically lied to me as a kid, screw that noise.

    and for the last 25 years instead of going to church i would read the bible for an hour because the Gospel reading was my favorite part of church.

    but amber, like most of us, has taken a rocky road to get to where she is today, and i figured, why not go to midnight mass

    why the f not!

    so i picked her up at work last night at 10:20pm, she was wearing this super tight very short dress, and i had on my evening wear. i had researched various midnight mass services and saw there was one in hollywood that would have a choir and a 12 piece string quartet. little did i know the pipe organ was going to be on full blast too.

    it was really nice. valet. at the foot of runyon. and best of all it started at 11pm.

    got there. sat on the side. couldnt understand a word the dude was saying. but they had the whole service typed up in a 16 page miselette and  damn the music was great. a combo of old school, new school, and christmas carols. they did parts in latin

    and mama mia were they generous on the incense. almost like they thought if we dont shake it 10 times in this corner of the church, old Satan himself is gonna sneak in.

    well the preacher missed a spot because as Amber and I got to the altar to kneel and accept our communion, first the priest gave me a wafer and then the chalice of wine. amber, being sober, waved off the wine, but then this lady priest showed up and gave her a second wafer, dipped it in the wine, pushed her foot in amber’s eye and shoved the dripping wafer right down her pretty mouth.

    then the incense dude blew some on us.

    we left soon after that, tipped the valet, and opened presents before the clock struck 1.

    merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Sunday, December 25, 2016

    joy to the world, all the boys and girls 

    today a child was born.

    a child who scared leadership so much that the king ordered to have him killed.

    his dad couldnt get a hotel room.

    a gigantic star was blowing up his spot.

    it was cold as balls.

    and the artists kept painting him with blue eyes.

    the donkeys knew what was up.

    as did the mule and the lambs.

    and the goats.

    and the drummer boys.

    the killers were coming, but so were the wise men.

    and all around him were angels, chillin,

    doing what they could,

    which was little.

    it’s ok. he had this.

    you have this.

    today is the day God became human, striking fear into all the things that should be fearful,

    and hope into the hearts of the hopeful.

    today inspired a long list of beautiful songs, weird customs, and totally unrelated activities.

    but at its heart is love.

    the best of all.

    merry christmas from the world famous busblog

    and the super secret xbi

    champions of the world.

  3. Friday, September 16, 2016

    my hippy friends at UCSB 

    hippie friends at ucsb

    way back when i was in college we didn’t take a lot of pictures. back then you had to use film and get it developed and it all cost money. it was insane.

    so of my whole four years at UCSB i think there are only like 9 pictures of me total.

    i had two sets of friends at school, both of whom i still am very close with: my Daily Nexus friends and my hippy friends.

    one Christmas the ladies of the latter group decided that we should all dress up and have a “formal” dinner before we all flew home for Christmas break. not everyone had the latest in high fashion, in fact looking at this it might appear that some of us robbed the local Goodwill, but we tried, because why not.

    we were all “poor” but we always had food to eat, beer to drink, and fun to have and best of all we all shared.

    often i say im the luckiest man alive and i seriously cannot even imagine how different my life would be now if i wasn’t placed in the San Nicolas dorm and instantly clicked with all of these super sweet, very fun people.

  4. Friday, December 25, 2015
  5. Thursday, December 24, 2015
  6. Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    i keep thinking about Jesus and wondering what he thinks about the USA 

    banksy christmas card

    and how some politicians are all, no way man you can’t let foreigners into OUR COUNTRY

    and how some of the people, many of them actually, are like HELL TO THE NO – STAY OUT FREAKS!

    and they all run around high fiving each other while mumbling this n that about the gays and the blacks and

    i wonder if Jesus is like, shit when i was down there it was bad, but youd think after two thousand years something woulda gotten better

    Silver Lake got better, downtown, even the Cubs have all improved.

    “why is it that the richest, smartest, most blessed nation on the whole globe is acting like a bunch of damn dummies?” Jesus is probs asking right now in between performing miracles while a harp plays in the distance.

    free will, says the cherub.

    they were always damn dummies, says another, giggling, and then farting out a lil rainbow.

    these were the people i loved the most, Jesus whispers to himself, probs, sniffling from sadness

    wondering if anything he ever said or did mattered or got listened to

    number one best seller around the globe but did anyone really

    get it?

    did anyone in power ever say

    Oooooooooooh we’re supposed to


    to the poor and destitute and sick and dying and persecuted?

    are you sure we arent supposed to heckle and renounce?

    and the donkey in the clouds eats hay

    and way far away

    Jesus says the f word

    and slams a door


  7. Friday, December 26, 2014

    a merry busblog Christmas wish 

    merry christmasthis is now the 13th Christmas that the busblog has been around. i know, seriously?

    almost every day for the last year ive had a struggle about what to post or how.

    do i make something fantastical, bizarre, and weird

    or do i simply report the facts in a boring way and get on with real life.

    ive done my best to mix the two because boring isnt beautiful.

    but i have the desire to make things weirder and weirder because thats what hendrix taught us and for some reason we resist.

    so heres my plan for the upcoming year.

    i have about a dozen secret blogs. theyre all boring, which defeats the purpose.

    so on the world famous busblog going forward things will get weird.

    then on the super secret down and dirty try to find it korean hackers blog will be the real life tales of the day. like old school journal diary three ring binder omg i cant believe what happened today.

    but since nothing in here is true who knows what i’ll do.

    my only hope is it isnt boring because the worst thing you could do to your reader is waste their time.

    i have to go into work today because my work-from-home computer isnt syncing with my desk computer

    then im gonna drive around LA because LA is all sparkley from last weeks rains and blow dried from the winds. it’s gorgeous.

    also cuz i miss driving and i get to do it for the next two weeks straight.

    too bad i cant bring the kittens.

    wish i could.

  8. Thursday, December 25, 2014

    ali was all lets have a drink 

    rustic inn

    shes of the jewish persuasion which means her parents made mexican food last night

    i had a pizza and i tossed a little tuna fish into the kitties bowl.

    why not.

    we drank and the music was beautiful, mostly classic rock and a little metal.

    it’s interesting which places are open and which are closed on christmas eve.

    and today i watched movies and passed out as the kittens curled up next to me

    and i chilled to the next episode.

    tonight i’ll dine with jeanine, who today is 100 days sober.

    the best movie i watched today was wreck-it ralph, second time ive seen it.

    the details, the messages, damn.

    and way better than frozen

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