nothing in here is true

  1. Monday, February 16, 2015

    seana said hey we are in town, lets have a drink, do you know any pizza places for the kids? 

    the fitt wagners

    at first i thought chuck e cheese, but i realized her boys are big now (both in high school) and seana was a hair metal rock fan back in school

    so i suggested the Rainbow on the fabulous Sunset Strip

    it was surprisingly empty so we got the best table in the joint right next to the fireplace

    which was slightly unnecessary since it was 75 degrees outside

    but we ate pizza and pasta, drank beers, talked about Napa and Isla Vista and how her boys dont watch tv or sports

    and they listen to EDM instead of classic rock

    we all said a little prayer that they will grow out of it

    and generally had a spectacular time in a little slice of rock n roll history.

    from now on this is where i will eat pizza with people when they say they wanna buy me some beers.

    screw tacos.

    for those of you who dont know Seana, she is the one on with her arms around me on the far right of this pic.

    for some reason i thought she and i took a road trip from santa barbara to hollywood back in college

    for a Rolling Stones press announcement, in which no Stones attended

    but we didnt care: road trip to Hollywood.

    anyhow, Seana hasnt changed a bit. she’s still super fun and her family is awesome.

    party on!

  2. Monday, December 29, 2014

    the boys wanted to meet for breakfast on sunday 

    christopher scheer, ben sullivan, tony pierce

    normally im against such things, but i never get to hang with chris and ben

    i was at CJ’s soul food at 9am on the dot, the fellas were too.

    we sat in a booth in the back and discussed all the good things three bachelors would:

    motorboats, journalism, jeff solomon.

    as i drove home i realized that even though we chatted for two hours, we never talked about sports

    even though we all love sports.

    for some reason i considered that a backhanded success.

  3. Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    when i got back from chicago the xbi had destroyed my apartment 

    10320523_10152713911683057_3237534527771076360_nthe internet doesnt work, my tv doesnt work

    they took the wires out of my house and patched up the holes but im pretty sure they just reinstalled new bugs and video cameras.

    it was a little stressy but fortunately i had an appointment to meet with this years editors of the UCSB Daily Nexus

    so i drove up to Isla Vista and i thought, why don’t i do this more often? it’s so close. and pretty.

    we talked for an hour. i was hyper. i always get charged up when im around them.

    the Nexus is only a weekly now, which makes me sad, but maybe they will focus more on digital and online more

    which are the jobs they will get when they get out of college, lets be honest. the first ones at least.

    walked around the campus. was inspired. a little depressed.

    then drove home. and began cleaning up the xbi mess.

    thinking about going minimalist with my place. started throwing things out.

    i know they want me to move out but i like to do the opposite of what they want.

    last night amber was sweet and spent the night even though i live in a disaster area.

    we had no tv so we just talked to each other.

    like the indians did back in the day.

  4. Friday, July 5, 2013

    jeffrey mcmanus died on the fourth of july, he was my age 

    jeffrey mcmanus

    a former writer and editor at the world famous ucsb daily nexus,

    jeff catapulted to success with big time gigs at Yahoo, eBay and some of his own companies.

    but besides his beautiful wife and children, it seemed that he was most excited about honoring the Nexus.

    he was the biggest organizer of our annual reunions, the man behind dailynexus.org, @DailyNexusAlums,

    and the Daily Nexus Alumns Facebook group whose header shows him doing a shot with the current EIC.

    jeff was always full of life and energy and bad jokes and laughter.

    you may not have agreed with his humor, but his heart was always in the right place.

    just like all of us, he wanted life to be about fun and joy and kicking major ass.

    and now he’s dead because of something to do with his health.

    but mostly because life isn’t fair,

    and death arrives like a thief in the night

    so rock while you can.

  5. Thursday, May 30, 2013

    totally drank with your boy jason ross last night 


    i had about three margaritas and a beer and a taco and im just now mostly recovered


    took the subway and saw a guy get a ticket for not buying a ticket. twas sad.


    i asked Jason where you wanna drink? he said, take me somewhere you love. we went to La Cita and he loved it too.


    after a few there we walked over to seven grand and saw a guy walk from outside to inside and puke. twas gross.973756_10151618133193057_1444231123_n

    not even the artwork wanted to see the literal yuppie scum


    it was nice hanging out with the former nexus editor & chief and walking around DTLA with him


    when i got home i saw this note on the ground and im still trying to figure out how it was used


    decided i need to make some new art


    and maybe get a band formed, as ben suggested

    crazy thing about Jason, he looks exactly the same as he did a zillion years ago

    and is just as funny.


    makes you wanna puke.


  6. Sunday, April 28, 2013

    you know it was a good party if you wake up the next day at 4pm 


    yesterday the Daily Nexus hosted a kickass reunion bash that brought together the past


    with the present Nexites in the cozy concrete office where all the magic happens


    tianna and carissa are next year’s news editors.

    basically this is what jeff solomon and max donnelly looked like to the class of 1969 when they visited us.


    there was a nice spread of food booze and other treats thanks to the generosity of people other than me.


    jeanine did her best to corrupt the minds of todays youth but aint nobody got time for that


    they were busy tagging the darkroom <3


    and being excellent to one another. speaking of which…


    Elspeth and Barb were there looking exactly the same as when we first met them back in the day. Weird.


    you know how everything seems smaller when you go back home? it wasnt anything like that at all: it was just right.


    computor wiz jeffrey p mcmanus, one of the few people who, in the 80s,
    knew how to work the sole Mac, organized the alumns to be there, and worked the twitter and facebook
    great job jeff!


    and the hard working kids of the current administration came back into the office during their one day off


    to party with us gray beards and grandmas and superstars and hasbeens

    tony pierce steve elzer daily nexus

    i had the pleasure of “interviewing” former nexus Editor in Chief steve elzer who is currently a suit at Sony Pictures

    who told the kids earnestly that everything he does today, like helping to get Spider-man on the cover of Time


    to turning lemons into lemonade when weird things like the director of the CIA and Sen. John McCain spoke out against  Sony’s kickass film Zero Dark Thirty

    came from lessons he learned chasing waterfalls at the Nexus.

    even Jason Spievak (above, aloha shirt) and Marissa Wenzke (incoming EIC to his right)

    were all this is f-ing awesome, maclemore


    and then after an hour we shut off the recording devices and seriously partied

    and it was good.

    for those of you who didn’t make the reunion, east coasters, and Ben Sullivan

    i can tell you that this generation of Nexites are worthy and you should expect big things from them.

    which we can all celebrate next year at this time, something i recommend for all of you who haven’t done it in a while.

    the campus, after 20 years of jackhammers and scaffolds, and orange cones is fully realized

    american flag in isla vista

    the foot patrol, which was a victim of a molitif cocktail last year looks nice


    you can get freakin pho in IV


    and gone are the days where your bike would get stolen even if you had it locked to a cop car,

    today’s kids are so sweet and giving (blame the molly) they just leave their bikes in the bike lanes

    for people who need a bike, to take a bike


    the hippie vibe is so pronounced these days they even celebrated Earth Day a week late

    so all the kids who went to Coachella last weekend wouldnt miss it.


    ok to the left is IV Theater which means dead ahead is where the repair shop, tropical fish store

    and sole quasi romantic sit-down restaurant was – the one you went to the one and only time you ever had a traditional date in IV

    well now its a 5 story monstrosity that id immediately burn down during the next riot

    because seriously wtf


    i mean if people wanted this they could easily have gotten into uc san diego


    same goes for you, sidewalk that noone uses and lamp poles to cut down on sexual assaults at night

    sadly i witnessed some verbal abuse in the broad daylight and i remembered oh yeah theres always asswipes even in paradise


    btw paradise looked pretty hot yesterday and misses you


    one of the pocket parks has a ping pong table and theres even ping pong balls waiting for you


    and people studying on the beach playing bob marley for you


    and hippies who have lived in IV since 1989 stoked to go to Javans with you

    the end

    next year tsar should play in storke plaza and we should take over kcsb and broadcast it live

    and go to jail and then break out cuz its santa barbara come on duh

  7. Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    today we learned that porn stars are bad at keeping secrets 

    or lying.

    i guess we also learned that some teen moms think its totally normal to go to porn company head quarters

    at vivid

    and think that all the people taking pictures outside

    are just super into her shoes or something.

    and would never start asking about a porn tape

    even if you got in a limo from the airport to the boutique lingerie store

    to the porn company headquarters.

    while hanging out with the hot young stud porn star.

    regardless, farrah is still my favorite teen mom and once again

    all due praise to morgan j freeman

  8. Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    today is jeanine’s birthday, she’s 24 


    jeanine and i met famously in the newsroom of the uc santa barbara college paper, the daily nexus.

    neither of us knew it was an xbi plot.

    the original dates were disasters, but at night the agency would tweak our brain dynamics through radio waves

    and secretly poison our delicious fruit punch soda.

    and soon, not only were we in love, but we were shacking up

    and using landlines.


    id bring her on my jobs and say just stay in the car, but when i least expected it, there she was on the roof with me

    saying quick before you do that, smile pretty for the birdie

    me and jeanine

    sadly, turnabout wasnt always fair play.


    the xbi was happy with things so they sent us to the secret training facility on the moon

    where we experimented with invisible space suits


    on the weekends i enjoyed playing NHLPA hockey with the neighbors

    and jeanine liked to stand in the way of the screen

    attempting to use ESP on me so i’d sing bluegrass songs with her on the banjo.

    jeanine aj and me

    jeanine is so sweet she won over every man woman and lizard in isla vista.

    my mom still has pictures of her up in her house.


    but not this one because here she’s on acid.

    ken jeanine and bonnie

    jeanine has hand made the wedding rings of all of our married friends.

    its a cute little way for the xbi to keep an eye on the santa barbara mafia

    but it’s also a way for all of us to remember how special todays birthday girl is to us.

    happy birthday sweet sweet hollywood guitar goddess


    thanks for coming back to LA for us.

  9. Sunday, October 14, 2012

    today is seana fitt’s birthday 


    one day the Lord blessed us and brought us all to the best college paper in the history of college

    and for no good reason plopped one of the hottest and sharpest girls on our lap

    and named her seana.

    seana made us believe that not only do dreams come true,

    but our dreams have dreams they want to come true too.

    slightly gravely voice like she’d been singing along to motley crue all night

    but dont be fooled by the skintight jeans and leather jacket

    she was secretly at the dead show in vegas

    representing all thats good about california


  10. Wednesday, May 30, 2012