dear diary im listening to foxygen

i see youim procrastinating right now.

what you ask? oh never you mind.

my day started off fine. i woke up at 9am, took a shower, got the hell outta the crib

because the maid was coming and mama mia was i a filthy pig this last 4 weeks.


scrammed right over to mcdonalds where i ate my bacon egg and cheese biscuit

right there in the mcdonalds

along side the homeless, the seniors, and a few sad families who had just gotten back from nearby childrens hospital.

not one but two tables of nice mexican families no talking at all.

i call bs on people who dont talk when theyre eating with each other.

people always have something to say

when they dont talk theyre just not saying it to you.

im not a super germaphobe but the tray sorta creeped me out

why was i touching it? how many others have touched it? what is the washing regimen like in regards to the trays at sunset blvd mcdonalds in silver lake

hopped in the xbi mobile and drove 6.8 miles to the burbank amc

beautiful day, warm, but not too warm. perfect really.

got to the theatre about 25 minutes early BECAUSE I HAVE NO LIFE

futzed around with like 4 automated ticket machines because 3 were broke or lazy or stoned or couldnt print or were being racist whatevs there eventually was my ticket

$7.50 to see This Is The End

walked around Burbank. got sad when i saw the bootleg Crown Books  was shuttered. ET and i went there a few years ago and i was all this aint crown books and they were all shhhhhh.

so i shhhhhed

didnt help apparently.

ok now back to doing what i shoulda been doing in the first place

yesterday many moons ago Anne Frank was given a blank diary to fill out

hodor and kelly clarksonshes like the best

when i was young i kept a diary. i still have many of them.

in a way this blog is like that, but mostly its not.

maybe every day i should write down some stuff that i did that day.

ok go

today i woke up in such a good feeling: i could breathe, a breeze was blowing sweetly through my window, i was rested.

got up to get the paper and started coughing, sneezing, it was terrible.

took my crazy little allergy pill the xbi sent over, knowing it would light up a nuclear bomb in my body, but no, it actually worked.

still blew my nose so much my eye started hurting again.

a very nice teacher facebook chatted me this morning, asking me to apply to teach some classes at her junior college. it was very sweet because the allergy pill hadnt kicked in yet and i was feeling low low low and i said i dont know if i had anything to offer

YOU ARE AMAZING. and the students have SO MUCH TO LEARN from you. honestly, i feel like a student newsroom would be a perfect place for you because it’s a place where you have job security and you can work in a place that helps people and is dominated by experimentation and innovation

with a relatively stable funding source. and of course you’d be doing work that matters

the future needs you.

maybe it was that and not the allergy pill that made me feel better.

ate a bunch of soups. got eintroduced by Andy Malcolm to a nice woman who wants to talk to me to consult for some people.

got a text from jeanine being very sweet.

texted my mom throughout the day.

found out what bree’s favorite song is.

never left the house.

made it through this candy crush level id been on for two days.

watched the cubs fall apart after a great pitching effort by Travis Wood.

another very nice young lady, this one from an up n coming statup offered to submit my resume for a killer job thats open. she did, and i got an email from their HR Dept and from her saying they would get back to me in the next 5 days. amazing gig i may or may not be absolutely perfect for.

watch the Blackhawks win in triple overtime in game one of the stanley cup.

probably the most exciting sports event ive seen this year. yes, yes it was.

watched mavis staples do that great balancing act cover “can you get to that” which i believe is a beefheart tune but dont quote me.

my maid comes in the morning so i gotta hit the hay. so im listening to howard interview stephen tyler and teen mom farrah, the one who just filmed pornography.

tomorrow im gonna see that funny movie that comes out tomorrow with seth rogan whatever its called.

shoutout to AF