sometimes you should just give up on your dreams

you should just let those who have given up on theirs convince you that what youve always wanted is dumb

and that good things happen to everyone but you.

and that you dont deserve what you want now, but maybe next year or the year after that

or the year after that.

because of course tomorrow is guaranteed, and next year, and the year after

all these people died today, and all of them thought they were going to make it to tomorrow

and next year, and the year after that.

we just all have infinity years for our prince to come.

infinity years to get serious about climate change and health care and helping the poor.

our dreams can wait while we let the mediocre and terrified plot our futures.

who we are shouldn’t be expanded. nope. it should be stifled and reformed to fit into tidy boxes.

rock n roll should die.

best thing that happened today was the san francisco giants

who do not have a good team

won in the bottom of the 18th inning on a fuckup by the opposing catcher.

who was probs exhausted.

on friday nights they light fireworks after the game.

and there it was at 1:11 am and they said fuckit who cares if the neighbors are sleeping

boom boom boom fireworks into the bay. boom.

and the people of the twitter raised their fists at the moon

but giants don’t care.


i had the most realistic and terrifying dream the other night

i looked out my window and there was a mountain

there was a fire on the mountain.

basically the mountain was on fire.

and up and down the mountain, emotionless were demons

who knows what they were doing but they were hunched over

marching. taking things up and down. like worker ants.

the sky was dark and smokey.

in retrospect i could have been in Hell already

but in the dream i thought, shit, this is The Reckoning

This is Judgement Day.

and i had always thought that the Righteous would be able to step out into that war zone and raise our hands and say here i am Lord, let’s GTFO of here

but i was terrified. there was no hope for me. those demons would eventually come down that mountain for me.

i had sinned and was unforgiven

and unsaved.

it was so crystal clear and horrible.

yesterday i told amber about the dream and she said you have been so good to me and so many others, that dream isn’t true.

but it seemed so true.

it was Bosch come alive. i was in it.

and she turned to the Garden of Earthly Delights which i had recently hung above the bed

and she said maybe you should take that down.

had the most beautiful dream last night

i never dream, so when i do they’re usually bad

because they know they’re unwelcome

but this one was fantastic

and when i woke up i felt good inside.

but as i watched football today i thought

wait a damn second

that dream tricked you.

aint nothing changed in your life.

everythings exactly the same.

because that did not happen.

why would you believe the movie

and not the book.

every day i write the book.

we know what the truth is.

truth is that dog wanted his hair cut that way, aint nobody’s fault.

everybody wants something a little different.

and some people want dreams.

well you can have mine.


when i was a kid i had the biggest dreams

amberi wanted to manage the cubs

i wanted like 27 kids

and i wanted to give half of my salary to charity.

when i was in college i gave up on the cubs

i only wanted six kids

and i wanted to be a college professor one day.

when i moved back to LA the second time

my dreams were way simpler:

i wanted hot babes to love me

and i wanted to see as many great rock shows as i could.

today my dreams are even simpler

i want to fix the world

and give 3/4 of my salary to charity.

tonight i saw donald trump make a fool out of himself on tv because his money grubbing hasnt satisfied him so now he wants to aquire as much power as he can get

and i watched on twitter as kim kardashian stood by her man via snapchat.

we all have dreams.

some are bigger than others.

the first thing i want to fix is the block that i have preventing me from writing about my big plan.

but everything comes to you in due time.

will you be ready for it is the real question.

do dreams mean anything, like really

other than that bible guy who figured out everything because of his dreams, has anyone else?

like are you more likely to win the lottery and actually buy some of the things your heart dreams for

than actually learning anything from your dreams that you dont already know?

heres things i already know: the cubs will win the world series in 2-3 years.

after the cubs win the world series i will be married.

after i get married i will adopt some african kids

after i adopt the kids they will grow up and become famous athletes

and musicians.

because they had learned spanish at a young age, whenever they talk to the press they will do it

en espanol to prove a point.

whats the point, you may ask?

that dreams that you dream at night can come true.

today is rex manning day

licorice pizza

one nice thing about being as old as the hills is ive had a bunch of cool jobs filled with awesome people

so when i saw Empire Records when it came out it reminded me of my time at Licorice Pizza Records

which was pretty much exactly like Empire Records except we had cooler employees.

our manager ended up being a public radio star who picks music for your favorite tv shows

another guy ended up picking all the best books for the best book store in hollywood

there were musicians, teachers, artists, everything youd ever want.

i learned so much from the people i got to work with.

but the biggest lesson i learned was: always go for the job / girl / dream that you want.

after working at mcdonalds, my first job, for a few months i was all: i wanna work at a record store.

when Gary Calamar interviewed me, he brought me to the office in the back (just like in the movie) and there were album covers all over the walls.

he said, talk about some of these records.

i said, oh well there’s Pete Townshend’s “Scoop”, tons of demos and unreleased stuff from the Who songwriter, there’s a 12″ from Springsteen which has a b-side thats terrible which is sad cuz i love the Boss, there’s Prince’s Purple Rain – one of the few artists who played a week at The Forum. Only other person who has done that was Neil Diamond…

and i got the gig.

always follow your dreams.

it’s what Rex Manning would do.

above: The Licorice Pizza, West LA crew partying in Westwood circa 1986

todays earthquake made me feel my mortality, like big time

jesus on sunset

couldnt sleep well last night. kept tossing and turning and waking up, which is rare for me. usually i sleep like a big fat old man.

aint going no where. aint doing nothing. just sleeping and doing his best not to dream. dreams are a fools game.

get what you came for during the awake parts. thats why theyre the bigger part of the pie chart.

but there i was tossing and twisting and waking up an hour after i fell asleep and even dreaming.

i had a dream that bruce springsteen had fallen in the river and i was trying to call 911

but everything is all screwy in dreams and there were no 9s on my dream phone.

and even though some other guy was calling 911 too *I* wanted to be the one that saved The Boss.

and then i woke up a little and i heard the thunder that was the oncoming tremblr

irish for a dayand then i felt the shaking of my 100 year old apartment building and man it was hard.

and i could sense the walls caving in and the upstairs coming down on me and the life going out of me and

aint nothing they could even put in that casket except me squashed wearing an AC DC tshirt

and Simpsons pajama pants. thats how the busblog came to an end.

but alas the roof never fell in and the life was still in me and i went to twitter with the others

and we all chirped like birds do.

here i am! here i am! here i am!

throughout the day i wondered how i woke up exactly 30 seconds before the thunder sound

nothing wakes me when im asleep. not even these so called dreams.

i aint fraid of no ghost. i live in the safest street in LA. plus i aint got nothing of no value in here.

think im cray?

all thats in here is books i dont read, some old magazines, moldy shoes, and beefaroni.

a football helmet signed by OJ, a wii, some white tube socks etienne tried to dispose of and two bowling balls.

i am not waking up if i hear a bump in the night because if the guy steals my crap: good

and if he tries to kill me im going to heaven so leave me be im sleeping over here.

but still i woke up. and that interests me. i woke up an hour before the buzzer and 30 seconds before boom.

ive been called psychic before but then how come i cant win this $400 million lottery? like ever?

why dont i ever know when someone wants me or when someone hates me?

why do i always lose at fantasy sports if i can see into the future?

today i ubered and i was on the wessside and i wanted to go east young man and eventually i did.

eventually one ride got me to weho and the next got me to regular ho.

now its 1am and im brushing, flossing, praying, and i promise you there will be no more dreams.

the boss was saved.

he went down to the river, and the river was dry.

screw dreams, life is hard enough to figure out

oh yeah

ali had a hard day so we went out to dinner, it was nice.

we went to breakup thai cuz we hadnt been there in a while.

the fried salad was better than ever, tangy with just enough spice.

i would have licked the bowl but we had Jungle Curry coming and it was highly recommended.

turned out they call it Jungle Curry because your mouth and then head start screaming

like wild animals in deepest darkest africa.

it was so hot you had to drown it with rice and cold water and tears.

the lady said it would give us beautiful dreams which i blew off because

the xbi has taught me how to successfully prevent dreams

but Jitlada’s jungle curry cant be bothered with such trifles.

not only was it intent on giving me dreams but it threw my black ass to bed before midnight

and begane rubbing its hands in dreamy anticipation.

the curry flooded my mind with colorful hallucinations as i dozed

but the xbi training (and poisons) fought back until the dawns early light

and then vivid and clear dreams hit and there i was in the altered state.

i woke up early and disturbed, and defeated.

we will meet again, jungle curry with delicious tiny spare rib chunks

oh yes, we will.

everyones been telling me their dreams lately

dylanwhich is nice

but who am i, joseph?

since everyone seems to be dreaming, how about this crazy one i had the other day

i was minding my own business in this crazy field of corn

best part about dreams is theres no flies.

but i digrezzzzz

i was walking in this field and i wasnt able to get anywhere.

but for some reason i didnt care.

maybe i knew it was a dream.

maybe ive never cared.

and this angel came down wearing a carpet

looking down at me, not on me, at me

from an angle.

and said, dont you know that sometimes

peoples hearts are hardened to you

to see what you’ll do.

and then she went back up to the party

in the penthouse

and i kept walking, wondering what ever happened to free will.

an angel came to me in a dream

life is too short for a bad one she was all knock knock

i was all zzzzzzz

she was all open sez me

i was all zzzzzzz

she was all i have the secret to making your life so much better

i was all am i dreaming?

she was like yes you passed out as soon as you came home from work

i was all zzzzzzzz

she asked did you just fall back asleep

i was all zzzzzz

she said ok all you have to do is turn off the internet by 9pm every night


read for an hour every night before you go to bed


write dangerous emails to exotic women


and catch up on mad men already so you can get back into the national conversation

groggy i was all are you still here?

she said and throw out all your clothes.