they are letting people take the car pool lane if they are driving alone


if you wanna take it, you put a little transponder in your car

and drive in the lane, and theres an electric sign that tells you how much it will cost

the sign changes based on traffic which is sorta douchey but whatevs

cuz last night i needed to get from downtown to watts

and i was late.

the sign said it was gonna cost $2.80

and i was all, works for me

and no one i mean no one was in the carpool lanes

and everyone was jammed in the non carpool lanes

and it was the best $2.80 ive ever spent

and now i love you los angeles freeways

i mean payways

so much

lets talk about the craziest thing i did this weekend

at the cosmopolitan


tony here.

back from the valley of the dead.

right up the charts and straight to yr heart.

even though im fairly sure i had a great time, i have zero recollection of what went down.

i do have photographs, but most of them are blurry and the other ones barely make sense. but i do remember one thing that happened. and its omg True.

the reason i remember it so clearly is because it happened monday evening. yes, less than 12 hours ago.

it could be the craziest thing ive done all year, and friends, ive done some interesting things this year, trust me.

the craziest thing i did this weekend was drink a mini bottle of 5 hour energy and then got behind the wheel with a can of Coke.

i have no idea whats in 5 hour energy. does anyone, really?

all i did know was i needed about 5 hours of energy and every respectable liquor store in barstow had rows and rows of the stuff.

so i bought it, drank it, and got back on the road.

two of the coolest girls you’ll meet were in the car and it was my duty to get them home safe, for i doubt they had 5 hours of energy left in them neither.

then the craziest thing happened. in minutes i had 5 hours of energy.

one reason i love the new car is when i need it to respond, it does.

where ya wanna go tone? in front of everyone this second? k.

here it is 240am and im dancing in my bedroom.

second craziest thing of the last 12 hours.

i love you all and wish you the best on your travels thru this thing prince calls life.