the weekend started thursday

amberwhen amber and i went to see eminem and rihanna at the rose bowl.

the pair were a natural pair, each performing on the others’ hits over the years.

both a little more raunchy than people like my dear mother appreciates.

both super dooper and unlikely super stars in their genres. both PR nightmares for their outrageous and controversial statements and styles.

neither having anything to prove the other night other than, yes we can take this money, thank you, to the 60,000 fans, many of whom paid over $100 to fill the pasadena football stadium.

the show was just one of a handful that eminem will perform this year. he hates leaving his house. but on thursday (and from what i hear on friday) eminem was intense, focused, and at times enthusiastic as he ran across the long stage spitting out rhymes quickly and confidently.

rihanna was lazy and stoned and only at times sexy.

those songs tho.

a full band including a horn section and a dj backed the solo artists who first appeared together for a few numbers and then rihanna took over for a good 45 minutes. eminem followed her for about an hour, then they both ran through some numbers together, there were fireworks and then Eminem wished California a good night.

after a pause Rihanna returned to the stage for Diamonds and seriously the amount of hits these two have had over the last dozen years is remarkable when they’re being presented to you live with dancers and giant LED screens.

rihanna only had one costume change the whole night and for some reason was wearing a Krokus concert tshirt. why that mediocre hair metal band from the 80s? because rihanna is lazy and stoned and all the time sexy.

the fact she even has a career is mindblowing, but she does and her songs are forever stitched into our lives because she is one of the most beautiful women in the world with a a knack for singing the right songs in her own style in such a way that it quickly becomes universal.

eminem is a rap phenomenon. a genius. and ridiculously talented in every single way a hip hop star could ever be. at 89 years old, he looks fantastic.

he scowled through most of the show but what only could be considered happiness leaked out every so often, and why not, he’s at the top of his game and finally reaping some of the rewards on the lucrative touring circuit.

afterwards amber asked if we could go to jack in the box and i said yes yes a thousand times yes.

but i wish i was able to rap it.

there used to be a time

pussycat theater on sunset

when i didnt come into the xbi on monday mornings and think why why why why, and to be honest i dont remember much of those days.

the job i had before this one fired me and rehired me hours later and put me on the 6am shift and there werent any mondays where i would think why why why why even when things started to get crappy even when all the people i hired started to slowly get laid off one after another after another.

the dot com implosion effected me way more than any breakup with any girlfriend. maybe its because i have had very few high paying jobs where my boss totally understood me and got it and loved it and wanted me to be me.

i know the sun will come out tomorrow annie but tomorrow and tomorrow and tommorrow bleeds into the petty pace of macy gray, blogged by a dumbshit full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

someone from somewhere sent me a pre-release of Eminem’s upcoming cd and i listened to it all weekend.

its amazing and disgusting and juvenile and brilliant. i dont know why but it’s uncomfortable dealing with the fact that todays best rapper is a wigger. race aside, eminem raps circles around everyone and anyone. and hes funny. and hes fast. and hes constantly trying new things.

he and dre are a perfect pair. so perfect its freaky.

this sunday three very odd things happened. are the planets all fucked up? anna kournikova came over with a bundt cake(!) on sunday afternoon between the raiders winning and the bears winning. i was all whats the occassion and she went on to explain that she went to the grove and wandered into a home store and saw a bundt cake pan and decided she wanted to make some bundt cakes.

so we sat there drinking cheap champagne and eating her bundt cake while my two favorite teams won games that they werent supposed to win.

very odd.

everythings odd.

the busblog hits were better this weekend than any other weekend this year.

was sex saturday the reason why people came here this weekend?

who knows, but maybe next weekend we can continue the increase.

pink shoes + lisa + sk smith